Vladislaus The Impaler

May 25, 2011
By Max McCray BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Max McCray BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Vlad Tepes was sitting in the dark dungeon under his castle. Sharpening sticks with rocks he found on the floor. He was going to use them to impale anything that scampered across his feet. He was hungry for blood of the other creatures. The guards were already emptied of their blood and were decomposing near by the skinny Vladislaus. He found his first meal was a rather large mouse. He sunk his teeth into the mouse. The blood coursing through his teeth he drops the mouse, satisfied with hunger.

He was found guilty of sucking the blood of over 100 victims he was to be imprisoned for eternity by his peers. He leaps up from his sitting position, his pale skin was shown in the light of the flames. He moves a guard’s body and scoops up the keys to the cell. His main target was the Ottoman king Mehmed the 2nd,
who took his throne. He glides down the hallway quickly and quietly. A guard was cautiously walking the hallway, Vlad waits until the guard turns around and he pounces and sucks the blood from his next victim. Vlad runs up the stairs towards the throne room. He heard very loud foot steps coming ahead of him. He remembered the secret tunnels that he made to escape a riot. Vlad pushed into the wall to his right and shut it behind him, instantly flames brightened the hallway.
Vlad began to walk down the hallway cautiously thinking that Mehmed has found the tunnels and has booby trapped them.

Vlad exits behind the town barber next to the castle the. If Vlad was to get into his castle he would have to disguise himself. The wig shop was open for a special occasion the Ottoman king was having with many of the kings and the emperors. Vlad took advantage of the deal. Knowing that he was a fugitive he politely greeted the saleswoman and asked for the nicest disguise she had. The saleswoman wants to help Vlad overthrow the Ottoman king. She gives him all he needed and tells him to go to the back of the store so he won’t be seen. The disguise was perfect for the ball being thrown at his castle. The saleswoman gave Vlad her best sword to be prepared for the most valiant battle. Vlad thanked the saleswoman and promised her a reward when he gained power to his throne again.

Vlad skimmed the walls to the castle and snuck past the guards. While Vlad was looking for the ball area, he spotted the Ottoman King sitting on the throne that was once Vlad’s. It was in the middle of the ballroom. Vlad was really furious about the movement of his throne. Mehmed tried to hug him with respect; Vlad pushed him away with a massive amount of force and revealed himself. Mehmed stumbles back in surprise thinking that Vlad was still in jail. Mehmed pulled out his sword ready for battle. Vlad pulled his sword from its sheath. The battle was fierce the swords were clashing, sparks flying everywhere. Vlad dropped his sword and ran towards the king. Then he was gone, but there was something flying in the air a small vampire bat that had the sharpest teeth that the Mehmed had ever seen. The bat flew speedily straight at Mehmed he tried block the movement of the bat but it dodged and transformed into Vladislaus. Vlad sunk his teeth into the king’s neck. He had accomplished what he had sent out to do. Vladislaus Tepes had killed the Ottoman king Mehmed the 2nd. Now that he was king again, he wanted to help the wig master that helped him become victorious. Vlad accompanied by his jester sat in his throne satisfied, putting the corpse of Mehmed into the river next to his castle and his first words as king were ‘’ Dance Jester.

The author's comments:
This fiction was real cool and I think I worked really hard on this.

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