April 28, 2011
By , Canton, MI
A flash came into the scene as two planes filled the sky with a horrifying explosion. The explosion was so big I thought all was lost. I am a teenage boy who lives at home alone a lot. My dad works at the Twin Towers and my mom travels from place to place all over the world. I stay with my friend when my parents aren’t home. My friends name is Jack or as I like to call him Jack the Cool. He is amazing at videogames especially our favorite Dogfights on the Heights. We were playing Dogfights on the Heights when both our planes hit each other with great force, but this time it wasn’t like the videogame. The noise echoed through the room. The boom was so loud I fell on the floor. “That startled me, I said.” “Me too, Jack said.” As we were staring at each other we heard a scream that came from the outside. We both rushed to the window and saw people running and slamming their door shut. Jack lived right next to New York City and the fierce scream from everyone was caused from the Twin Towers. We could see the building on fire as people ran I thought “Is my dad safe.” As I was shocked so much by the building I saw a plane fly straight into the tower with such an explosion I fell once again with tears in my eyes. “Jack do you think my dad is…” I looked at Jack and saw that his face was as pale as a swan. I didn’t know what to do so I changed the channel and on the new I could see once again the Twin Towers and then they collapsed. When they fell to the ground suddenly the news changed and I could see a plane that hit the Pentagon.

I freaked because when I looked closely at the plane I saw it was my mom’s plane. I knew it was my mom’s plane because I flew with her once when she was heading to Florida. This time I finally knew what was going on. I heard of Terrorists before, but never heard of any making such a big attack on the United States like that. I grabbed Jack by the shoulder and ran. I could not think of a worse day to skip school on. As Jack gained his senses again we headed for the one place that we should not have gone to. We went to New York City.

New York was a huge city filled with skyscrapers and people, but today one was missing. The tallest building in the world was gone. Everyone inside that building didn’t think that this could ever happen, but it did. I saw the bodies on the ground and people screaming and running. I thought I saw someone in the pile and he was alive. This man was alive, but trapped. I ran past the firemen and police as they chased me to the man I grabbed and tugged on him and moved things around and Jack and I finally got him out. He was safe for now. One firefighter and police officer came over to Jack and me. The firefighter picked looked at me and smiled. “Where are your parents son, said the fireman.” “Dead, I said.” The firefighter stared at me and said “What day did they die on, he said.” I thought for a minute and said three numbers that saved many lives “9-1-1.”

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