Dark Times in Salem Part. 4

December 21, 2010
By Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
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It’s now July 19th. We all are being hanged. I’m no longer scared, but I still cry. Death at a young age.

“Let’s go ladies. It’s time to do your part for the community.”
The guard leads us down to our death. We walk through the jail, and I wave goodbye to the cell. We go beyond the courthouse to the gallows. I wait in line as people scream at us, while waiting to watch us hang.

“You all shall be tortured for life!”

“Kill the witches!”
I wish they’d stop and see things the way I do. It’s unbelievable, these people are too ignorant.

“Sarah!” I yell. She’s next, and I don’t want to watch.

“All of those who believe in witches shall be d***ed to h***. All of you! If you think I’m a witch then so be it, I curse you all. Especially the men. You shall all die a pronounced death, and be tortured.” Sarah was pulled back to the middle of the gallows. Then I heard a ‘snap’ and she was gone.

It is just Rebecca and I left. The screams turn into whispers in my mind and the rocks thrown at us are soft like grass. Rebecca goes up, not saying a word. She told me earlier she wanted to die a christian woman. Her oath of silence made me want to scream. Why doesn’t she yell at these people? She turns her head to me, tears in her eyes, and she mouthed the words ‘I shall see you soon’. That was it, she was gone, in a flash, it seemed like the world was in slow motion. I wanted to run to her, try to heal her, but I couldn’t.

It was my turn, and I was last one for this day. I looked into the crowd, trying to find someone I knew. I see Betty standing there, smiling at me like I’m getting what I deserved.

“Die witch! Die!” It was Mrs. Woodlan screaming at me. I see her hand go in the air, letting go of something round. It was a rock. I felt loved right now. My real mother, gone in Heaven, I shall see her soon. The man grabs my arm and yanks me to the middle of the gallows. I close my eyes, trying to cover the tears. I leave after my two friends, my only friends. I feel the scratchy rope surrounding my neck. I choke as the man tugs on it to make it tighter.

“Hurry up and kill the witch!”
I hear laughter. Then, silence. I’m gone.

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