American Revolution

May 23, 2010
By , cave creek, AZ
What did I get myself into?
This is the question. The one I wanted answers. This time, I want the truth. I know when you lie. Your eyes, so bright, so beautiful, betray you. Your greatest mistake. To trust me. To trust you, my mistake. I realize it now. I ran before you could reach me. I want to have a choice. You never gave me that choice. That is why I turned me face away from you. I went to the other side. The side you feared most. The side you knew was to powerful. Are you dead yet? Did they hang you for your betrayal. I am with the rebels now. This war has gone on to long. It needs to end. We fight to hard for our cause to lose. We will not lose. You knew it, but you hid it. You were like a puppet to the crown. You were worthless and they threw you away. They discarded you like a pair of old socks. You failed at a great number of things, but you failed most of all. They took your life.
Did you think you could win against us? Of course you did. You were so rich, full of power. We were dirty scum on your shiny boots. But in the end, we won. We won and that is all that matters. Winning. We chased your men out of our land. They are back across the pond, in deep shame. Did they die also? We are united, away from you. We demolished you. Proud and arrogant, you were. You thought nothing could bring you down. But we did. We were a bug that needed to be squished. We believed in ourselves to much to be flattened though. You were a great world power while we were merely a ill-taken colony for you to rule over. You took every thing we owned, but we got it back.
We are better off without you. Go hide in your rich chambers. We don’t need you. We have each other. We have freedom. We taste it, can feel it, and nothing you do will ever take it away. Go now and on your way down, save me a seat in hell.

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