black ops

November 19, 2009
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you will not like this story do not keep reading. if you have any sense of reality based upon now as you read this document. my name is ben johnson i am a captian of a elite squad in canada's military called black ops this is our story our mission. CHAPTER 1
it all started nov 21 1979. after training at fort nelson i got a message from colonel Mitchel. saying i am needed for a mission to iraq known as sandstorm. (o14 hours)corpal johnson good to have you on this one .yelled a sharp but clear voice dressed in shiny black boots straight baige cargo pants, a worn combat vast with visuals of gunshots underneath sat a tight combat shirt of a some what sandy color look upon by a a clear shaved harden man name captain miller. i know sir its good to be here and kill some terrorists. smiled ben. pssssshhhh went the engine of the black hawk as soon as it went into a spinning motion trying to get back from being shot. brace your selves boys we going in for a hard was all i saw and heard as i was being drag by a figure with what seemed as a ak-47 and many more i then came upon what seem to be miller as my ears still ring i here a faint nose of screams and chants sounding like a wild jungle. finally i can hear and see again.
i'm stuck in a jail surrended by Taliban and surreme alin our target our man our mission. i now know that i ben johnson am stuck in satan den full of his minoins my only way out is to fight my team lost and mostly killed i am black ops..........chapter 2 coming soon

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