Pan and the Wendy Bird

April 15, 2018
By CrystalDagger GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
CrystalDagger GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Peter was tapping his pencil on his notebook as Mr. Bartholomew dragged on with his lesson. He looked back and saw his girlfriend Wendy studying thoroughly and taking down notes.

He cleared his throat and she looked up. He gave her a flirtatious wave and his signature smirk. She started to giggle at his antics.

"What's so funny Miss. Darling?" Mr. Bartholomew asked. Wendy's eyes widened and she suddenly tried to cover up.

"N...nothing Mr. Bartholomew." She said, quickly returning to her notes.

"No really Dearie, what is so comical that you felt you had the right to interrupt my lesson." He said, heading towards her desk in the back of the classroom.

"It was Peter!" Said Stuart. Or as he was called, Slightly. Peter silently groaned to himself. Slightly was always a blabbermouth.

"Well, Mr. Pan, what did you do that made Miss. Darling laugh?" Now Peter had two options here. He could either just explain that he was bored, or have fun with the situation. Guess which one he chose.

"I was just acting out your life story Mr. Bartholomew, or should I say Captain Hook!" He said, smirking. He could've sworn he saw Wendy facepalm out of the corner of his eye.

When he turned around, he saw pure rage in Mr. Bartholomew's eyes. No one, and I mean no one, made fun of his artificial hand.

"Well. If my life story is so funny, maybe you'll enjoy telling it in detention." Mr. Bartholomew said, grabbing a notepad out of his desk drawer and scribbling a message on it. He then handed the paper to Peter and continues with the lesson.

Peter looked down at the paper.

"Insubordination." It read. "Student must have 2 hours of detention for the next 3 days." Peter groaned. He'd promised Wendy that them and the others would go to Neverland Arcade that Friday.

And it was Wednesday.


After class he hung back to talk to Mr. Bartholomew.

"Um, Mr. Bartholomew, I'm sorry I was being disruptive. I was immature, and reckless. It won't happen again sir." He said shyly.

"No Peter, I will not shorten your amount of detention days." Mr. Bartholomew said, grading papers.

"Oh come on!!!" Peter pleaded. He was really looking forward to crushing Charming and Phillip in Laser Tag.

"I'll make a deal with you Pan, if you have perfect behavior in class tomorrow, then I'll let you go the the Neverland on Friday." Mr. Bartholomew said, looking the boy dead in the eyes.

"How did you...?"

"Your friends Stuart and Terrence are extremely loud." His teacher said, going back to his earlier task.

"Yes!!! Thank you Mr. Bartholomew!! I won't let you down sir!!!" Peter said, running out the room.

"No running in the halls Pan!!!"

The author's comments:

I've always loved Peter Pan, I felt I could put a modern twist on it.

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