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A-Z for Harry Potter

February 8, 2018
By hatcherhart BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
hatcherhart BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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    “Congratulations, you are officially a student at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” If you ever wish you had gotten this letter, or ever wished that the magical world could become a reality, than you and I have somethings in common. Descriptions of all of the favorites are explained below plus much more. Continue on reading if you love the magical world but I must warn you, spoilers lie ahead.

A is for Albus Dumbledore. Professor Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts and is Harry’s mentor while there. Dumbledore is the only wizard that the dark lord ever feared. Dumbledore has possession of the elder wand (most powerful wand in the world) and is the most powerful wizard in the world.

B is for Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix is a female death eater that kills her own cousin Sirius Black who is also Harry’s godfather. She also murdered her own niece Nymphadora Tonks. Bellatrix dies in the last installment of the Series when Mrs. Weasley killed her for almost killing her daughter.

C is for Cedric Diggory. Cedric was in the  Hufflepuff house at Hogwarts and entered the Triwizard Tournament with Harry. In the final challenge, Harry and Cedric transport to a graveyard by touching the cup (which is bewitched) and they soon find out that the dark lord is being recreated there that very night. The dark lord’s servant kills Cedric leaving a huge impact on everyone at Hogwarts when Harry returns.

D is for Draco Malfoy. Draco has been Harry’s rival at school since day one. He comes from a pureblood family and his father is a death eater (follower of the dark lord). Draco teases Harry and his friends constantly and was sorted into Slytherin house. We later find out that he too is a death eater

E is for elves. Elves are a magical creature in the wizarding world and no they are not like the elves at Christmas time. House elves are creatures owned by wizards to do tasks for them and serve them. The Malfoy’s house elf Dobby helps Harry through a lot but also gets Harry into trouble. Dobby gives his life in the seventh installment to help Harry and his friends escape Bellatrix and other death eaters who are holding them hostage. While there are more elves, Dobby is the main Elf that we need know about

F is for Fenrir Greyback. Fenrir is an evil werewolf who fights alongside the dark lord. He plants himself next to victims when he transforms.

G is for Granger, Hermione. Since I used H for Harry I had to get Hermione in too. Hermione is Harry’s best female companion in the series. Hermione is muggle born and is the best witch of her age. She is a big school girl and has the best marks in her classes. Harry would probably been either dead or kicked out of Hogwarts several times if it weren't for Hermione. She has saved him and Ron many times. Of course they have returned the favor by doing the same for her also.

H is for Harry Potter. Harry is the main character and protagonist in both the films and novels and is famous for surviving the killing curse cast by one of the most powerful wizards in the world when he was only one year old. He was taken in by his aunt and uncle (unwillingly or graciously) after the dark lord killed his parents the same night Harry survived his curse and defeated him. Harry was raised as a muggle for eleven years until one night…..

I is for Igor Karkaroff. Igor is a former death eater  and is headmaster at the Durmstrang institute. He took part in putting Harry’s name in The Goblet of Fire. He is tall skinny and was sent to and released from Azkaban prison.

J is for James Potter. James was Harry’s father that he remembers nothing about. James was a lot like Harry; Always sneaking out of bed, very talented at quidditch and they share the same patronus. James was murdered at the age of twenty one, along with his wife Lily. James was in the Gryffindor house like Harry and he was friends with Sirius, Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. James was a very good man and didn’t deserve to die like he did.

K is for Krum, Viktor. Viktor is the seeker for the Bulgarian Quidditch team and was also in the Triwizard Tournament. He did not go to school at Hogwarts but instead the Durmstrang institute. He was very gifted at flying and was also very talented with a wand. He also took Hermione to the ball in The Goblet of Fire.

L is for Longbottom, Neville. Neville was in the same class as the trio and was exceptionally good at herbology. Little did we know that Neville would  soon go on to destroy the last horcrux of Voldemort and Harry was finally able to defeat him. Neville who always seemed shy ended up being the reason the wizarding world was able to continue on today.

M is for Molly Weasley. Molly is the mother of Ron and the rest of his siblings. She is a fantastic cook and a very talented spell caster. In the last installment, Bellatrix casts a killing curse nearly missing Molly’s daughter Ginny, Molly steps in and finishes off Bellatrix once and for all.

N is for Nymphadora Tonks. Tonks is a very talented witch. She fought at The Battle of Hogwarts and at The Department of Mysteries. She was a cousin to Sirius Black and niece to Bellatrix Lestrange who ended up killing her sadly. Tonks had a very cool power where she could change her facial features to mirror what she wanted it to look like.

O is for Order of the Phoenix. The Order is a group of people that were put together by Dumbledore that would help fight against Voldemort. There are too many people in the Order to name all of them but some members included Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Molly and Arthur Weasley, and Severus Snape.

P is for Padfoot. Padfoot is Sirius Black’s animagus form. Sirius is Harry’s godfather and very good friend. Sirius mentors  Harry and takes over as a guardian for him.  When Bellatrix kills Sirius in front of Harry, it enrages him and he goes after her. Harry finds her and hits her with the cruciatus curse. Sirius was a very good man and did not deserve to die how he did.

Q is for quotes. “Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than what we are now, students. If the can do it, why not us?” (Harry Potter, Order of the Phoenix) “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light” (Professor Dumbledore, The Prisoner of Azkaban)Q also stands for Quidditch. Quidditch is a magical sport  played by witches and wizards at Hogwarts and lots of other magical places. You have two teams with seven people on each; three chasers, two beaters, one keeper and one seeker. The chasers work together with the quaffle to throw it through one of three rings that the keeper is guarding. The two beaters carry around bats and try to keep the flying balls called the bludgers away from their own team and at the other team. The keepers job is to protect the rings from the chasers and the seeker has the most important job, catch the golden snitch. The snitch is a golf ball sized object the sprouts wings and flies around the pitch. The game is not over until the seeker catches the snitch.

R is for Ronald Weasley. Ron is Harry's best male companion at Hogwarts and completes the trio of three friends. Ron comes from an all wizarding family and has very bright red hair. Him, Harry, and Hermione have completed great tasks at hogwarts and will most likely be remembered by the staff. Ron is not the most talented wizard but his loyalty for his friends is undeniable. 

S is for Severus Snape. Snape is the potions master at Hogwarts and seems to hate Harry. Harry is always getting points taken from Gryffindor for no reason it seems. Snape we later find out was in love with Harry's mother but also hated his father. That left mixed feelings towards Harry during his time at Hogwarts. We later find out that Snape is a good man and was a spy for Dumbledore the whole time.

T is for Tom Riddle sr. Tom is the father to Lord Voldemort. He was given a love potion by Merope Gaunt. Merope was a witch and Tom was non magical. Once Tom realized that he did not actually love Merope he left her and she was left to give birth to their child. She died during childbirth and Voldemort was left at an orphanage. Sounds a little bit like Harry doesn't it.

U is for Umbridge, Dolores. Umbridge takes over as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's fifth year. Nobody likes her methods of teaching. She is a very bad woman but she is not evil or on Voldemort's side. She does not teach the kids well and Harry eventually takes matters into his own hands, and creates his own class of students that want to learn how to defend themselves.

V is for Voldemort. Voldemort is also known as the dark lord. Voldemort is the main antagonist in the franchise. Voldemort will kill anybody that gets in his way to power and will stop at nothing to kill Harry Potter. Voldemort the leader of the dark army and is a very bad person.

W is for Werewolves. There are very few famous werewolves that we know about. One being the evil Fenrir Greyback and another being Remus Lupin. When Lupin was bit by Greyback at a very young age he was transformed into a werewolf. Unlike Greyback, Lupin was a good wizard and not evil.

X is for Xenophilius Lovegood. Luna’s father had a short appearance and he taught Harry and his two friends the true meaning of the three Deathly Hallows. Harry would soon possess all three Deathly Hallows.

Y is for the Yule Ball. The Yule Ball is a dance that takes place at Hogwarts during Harry’s fourth year. The dance takes place right around Christmas time and is a great opportunity to make friends and have fun. Harry and Ron bring two twins and Hermione is asked by Viktor Krum to go with him.

Z is for Zonko's joke shop. This shop is a magical shop down in Hogsmeade run by the two Weasley twins Fred and George. The shop is filled with magical objects that usually will occur in a funny outcome.  They also have items that will make you get sick or that can temporarily injure you. Those items are usually used as a “Get out of class” excuse. This shop is the only other worthy shop in Hogsmeade besides Honeydukes.

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