How My True Love Killed Me

January 30, 2018
By jmarq660 BRONZE, Chatsworth, California
jmarq660 BRONZE, Chatsworth, California
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Hi my name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng and this is the story of how the love of my life killed me. It started out as an ordinary day. I woke up late because Chat Noir and I had to defeat another one of Papillon’s akumas. Papillon is Paris’s supervillain. He has one goal and that is to get mine and Chat Noir’s miraculous. A miraculous is a piece of jewelry that grants the wearer super powers. Each miraculous grants a special move and a weapon. My miraculous the earrings of the ladybug grants the power of creation, it is also one of the two most powerful miraculous. The other most powerful miraculous is Chat’s, the ring of the black cat. His miraculous grants the power of destruction. An akuma is a purple butterfly that grants someone else superpowers without needing a miraculous, this is Papillon’s special move, the miraculous were meant to be used for good but he uses it for evil and personal gain.

I had to run to school after kissing maman and papa on the cheek with a croissant in between my teeth. When I finally got to class I snuck in and thankfully Mme Bustier didn’t notice. When I sat down my best friend Alya gave me a look saying ‘We are talking about this later’. I sighed and turned around to pay attention but Adrien’s hair caught my attention and I ended up staring at the back of his head all through the class period.
I should tell you about Adrien. His full name is Adrien Agreste the son of the most famous fashion designer and my idol Gabriel Agreste. Adrien models for his father and is really hot. I have been in love with him since that day in the rain when he gave me his umbrella and showed me his true self. The only downside is that I stutter and can’t form coherent sentences around him.

  *  *  *  *  *  *
After school Adrien had a photoshoot but Alya dragged me across the street to my house so we could talk. But right when we got to the door an akuma appeared, probably caused by Chloe, the mayor’s daughter who thinks she is better than everyone else and is a huge bully, so I shoved Alya inside and ran off in the direction of the screams. After I found a hiding spot I let my kwami Tikki out and said “Tikki spots on” I felt my transformation wash over me. (A kwami is a magical being that grants the miraculous power.) When it was over I had transformed into Paris’s superheroine the Miraculous Ladybug. Another thing you should know about Alya is that she is the creator of the Ladyblog. It scares me every time I see her out in the field getting the latest scoop for the Ladyblog but, I know she can take care of herself. As I run towards the latest akuma victim I spot Chat Noir coming towards me. At the time I didn’t realize that this would be the last time I ever saw any of my friends and family ever again. What we didn’t know about this particular akuma was that it controlled other people but, we had realized it too late. By the time we realized Chat Noir had already been behind me and was taken control of.

I know my Kitty well enough to know that he would never do anything like this on purpose. I also know that it isn’t the akuma victim’s fault and they both wouldn’t remember what happened. I guess Papillon was in shock that he finally succeeded with a plan that Chat Noir was released from the akuma’s hold. When he saw me on the floor he ran over to me to ask what happened. I knew I had no time to explain so I told him, “Take my earrings Kitty. Get Tikki to Master Fu and keep her safe.” I could see in his eyes he was conflicted but something in my eyes must have convinced him. Before he took them however he told me, “I love you Bugaboo no matter who is under the mask.” He took me to where Master Fu lived so we could finally do an identity reveal. First he released his transformation and introduced me to Plagg. Plagg came up to me with tears in his eyes and said, “You did a great job and everyone will be so proud of you, especially Tikki because you were one of the best Ladybug’s she ever had.” I thanked him and I looked to Chat and saw Adrien. I was shocked to say the least. Finally he took my earrings off and he found out that his Ladybug was the one and only Marinette Dupain-Cheng the girl who sat behind him and the girl he gave his umbrella to on that day in the rain. He started crying saying, “Marinette no you can’t die I need you, Alya needs you, everyone needs you Marinette. Please you can’t die.” With my dying breath I told him, “It’s okay Kitty. I will always be in your heart. I need you to do something, make sure everyone knows that I love them. Don’t cry mon minou I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my partner in anti-crime, I love you.”  The last thing I felt was Tikki coming up and snuggling my cheek before everything turned black.

The next thing I know I am looking at my body as it lays in the morgue. I see my parents and friends as they look on att my body. Then the doctors say something very interesting. They don’t think that Chat Noir’s cataclysm killed me. The only thing is that my body appears to be in a stasis state. They think my body is not going to decompose and that if I truly am still alive I should wake up in a familiar place. Adrien immediately volunteers his house. I see everyone’s look of shock and my parents seem to be contemplating it. They look at each other and say, “We think that is a good idea but we have to make sure it is okay with your father.” I see Adrien pull out his phone and call Natalie, his father’s personal and most trusted assistant. He says, “Natalie it’s Adrien I need you to set up an appointment between me, my father, and the Dupain-Chengs.” After a minute, he hangs up and tells everybody that she agreed to do so. Afterward everything turns black and the next thing I know I am with my parents and Adrien in Adrien’s father’s office as they talk about my body staying at the Agreste mansion.

Eventually they come to an agreement. My body can stay as long as someone else takes care of it and he doesn’t notice it. Adrien immediately volunteered Master Fu. Then everything turns black and when I wake up Master Fu and Adrien are standing over my body as they try to figure out what happened. Master Fu said, “I think it was because she was in her suit when the cataclysm hit her. Tikki must have protected her as much as she could have but I am afraid I don’t know how to fix this. I believe the only one who can fix this is you and your kwamis.” Adrien replies, “I think we should put her earrings back on so Tikki can help her heal. Then we should probably put Plagg’s ring on her as well to see if that will help.” Master Fu shakes his head and says, “That is to dangerous we don’t know what would happen but I agree we should put her earrings in.” I see them put my earrings in and Tikki appears.

She looks at my body with tears in her eyes and says, “Master Fu I didn’t protect her in any way I didn’t have enough strength or time. I don’t know why she is like this.” They look shocked and Adrien says, “So she might have protected herself.” Master Fu nods and says, “She is probably the strongest Ladybug so far. This has happened before but the Ladybugs of those times had died.” Adrien then replies with, “I am not the first Chat to cataclysm his Ladybug?” Master Fu nods and says, “Through the ages Ladybug and Chat Noir have balanced each other out but they were not always on the same team. When this happens the world can get thrown into chaos though no one knows it this is what caused all the wars in which the entire world participate in.”
Adrien and I look shocked and I think to myself, ‘What caused them to be on separate teams.’ Master Fu suddenly looks up alert and says, “Marinette can hear us she is standing in this room as we speak.” Adrien says, “How do you know?” Master Fu replies saying, “I can feel her presence. I think we can find a way to communicate and it would appear that she follows not her body but you.” Adrien looks as though he is about to cry. He says, “When do you think you can make the connection?” Master says, “It will be ready tomorrow.”

The Next Day

“Adrien the communication spell is ready I just need both your miraculous to make the connection,” says Master. Adrien nods and hands over the miraculouses. Master Fu chants the spell and Adrien asks, “Marinette? Are you there?” I reply with, “Adrien, can you hear me?” “Mari is that you? Is that really you?” “Yeah it’s me Adrien. I missed you so much.” “I missed you too Mari. I missed you more than you can know. I love you.” “I love you too, Adrien.” “Hey Mari, can you tell me what happened or how you are still alive?”

The author's comments:

I hope people will learn the importance of what love is and how it can be unconditional. I loved writing this it was really fun to test my limits. I have read alot of fanfiction so it was a little easier to write this though I haven't read one like this. I have however read one with these characters and I love the show in which these characters come from because even if it is a children's show it is really relatable for people that are the same age as the characters.

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