Why Superman?

January 25, 2018
By adamryan03 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
adamryan03 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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(This chapter is a part of my imaginary sequel to the Man of Steel movie that came out in 2013. My story acts as if Batman V Superman never happened. The story centers around the aftermath of Man of Steel. At the end of Man of Steel, there was a showdown between Superman and General Zod that levelled the entire city. In the sequel, half of the city condemns Superman for bringing this destruction and the other half worships him as our savior. The following scene takes place after Superman defeats former factory worker turned supervillain, Parasite, who has it out for Superman as his wife was killed by Zod at the end of Man of Steel.)
The Parasite is defeated, but the entirety of the Metropolis subway system is destroyed. Superman standing on the broken concrete looks around at all the destruction. A mob of citizens begin to protest Superman.
“How am I gonna get to work?” Shouts one woman.
“My daughter was in that subway” Shouts another man.
“This happened because of you” Another accuses.
“Some hero” Says a woman sarcastically.
As the protesters begin to close in, Superman fears their intentions are hostile and flies up. Emotionally wrecked, Superman quickly flies to his Fortress of Solitude. All the while trying to recap exactly what just happened. The man seemed entirely ordinary until Superman helped him stand up. Almost as if them making contact allowed the Parasite to steal his power. Superman has little time to ponder this before he checks his phone. It’s almost 8 o’clock. He’s going to be late. Superman quickly flies back to his apartment, changes into some nice clothes, and rushes out the door.
Lex Luthor is staring out the window of his office, scowling at the destruction of the subway. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.
“Come in” Lex says without breaking his concentration.
Clark Kent fumbles with the door and enters.
“Hey Lex, I’m terribly sorry to be late” he says sheepishly.
“No need for apology, Clark. How’s it going?” Lex says warmly as these are good friends.
“I’m doing well” Clark says as he tries to think of an excuse for his tardiness. “Traffic was terrible-” this default excuse for being late turned out to be quite costly as he remembered what had happened today.
“Ah yes, the subway incident” Lex says knowingly. “What do you make of this Superman?”
“I think he’s trying to be a hero. Doing his best to make the world a better place” Clark answers.
“Heroes save the city, not destroy it. Do you see the depression the Metropolis economy is suffering right now?” Lex asks. “The city barely picks itself up after the fight with General Zod and Superman already destroyed the entire subway.”
“I’m sure Superman didn’t mean for any of that to happen. He was just trying to stop Zod” Clark retorts.
“He doesn’t stop super villains, he invites them” Lex claims. “His presence is a challenge to all other forces in the universe. Without Superman, there would be no Zod. He came here looking for Superman.”
“Superman is a symbol for hope” Clark interjects. “He inspires people.”
“Superman doesn’t give Metropolis hope. He destroys it. Think about all the lives lost because of him. People’s homes in ruins. I am the reason for hope in this town. Because of me, because of Lexcorp, the city of Metropolis has somehow stayed afloat. I have created thousands of jobs for the people in this city. I have given all my time, money, and energy to keep this city alive, and what thanks do I get. They worship the man who destroyed their city, but what about the man who rebuilt it? If I wasn’t here, this city would fall apart” Lex laments.
“I know, Lex” Clark says. “I’m sure the people love and appreciate you. And you’re right, the city wouldn’t be able to function without you. They don’t need a Superman, they need you. I’m sorry.”
“Thanks Clark” Lex says.
“And thank god Metropolis has you” Clark says.
“I don’t believe in God. Not anymore” Lex says softly.
Clark gives Lex a hug.
“Wanna go get food?” Clark asks.
“Does a bunny hop?” Lex says sarcastically.
Clark smiles and the two walk out the door.

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