Annabeth and Annie

October 15, 2017
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Annabeth was looking around Harlan county. She wanted to meet the famous Annie. She walked through the forest when a giggle sounded through the woods. " Annie?" Annabeth called out.

A headless girl ghost appeared in front of her. " yes?" She asked. Annabeth couldn't believe it. She was face to face with the most sweetest, popular and kind heroine that went to Rome and fixed a friendship that was destroyed by March fifteenth.

" Are you Annie?" Annabeth asked. " indeed I am. Who are you?" Annie asked." Annabeth. I have to admit that I'm a big fan of you. " Annabeth said. " Really? Shucks, I'm just a girl ghost. A normal girl. That's all." Annie said.

Annabeth snorted blowing a peice of her blonde hair out of the way. " I don't believe that." Annabeth said. " you don't think I'm a normal girl?" Annie asked.

"No!" Annabeth said.

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