High school

October 3, 2017
By Anonymous

I don't know why this always happens, but by now I guess i should expect it.
My parents are fighting again.All they fight about is me ,because im the worst son ever, but this story is about the worst couple days of my life .The first day of a new school sucks, my dad makes me and my mom move like once a year because he works on a pipeline and has to go a lot of places for his job ,and we go with him so every year I get a new school and then have to move ,and this is also my first year in high school so it’s even worst than usual. I got shop first period at least I get to build stuff I love building, ok so I had to fill out one paper and then I play on my phone. Next period I got gym let’s go I met the kid with red curly hair named Robert he and me seem to be really alike. then I go home cause there was a gun threat on the first day of school .I go home and see my dad is home. I walk in the door and see he is drunk again ,I go to my room and take a nap so he wakes me and “says wake up this is not the time to sleep” he said I got fired so I got to help him get a new job around here because I got one recently and ,I know where to look. So we go looking and he is explaining why he got fired and that they said all you ever do is drink and when I said well they got a point he punched me and say that again . it was a really quite ride on the way home then I went to bed ok so now day to I got a black eye and a dad who hates me and now. I have to go to school I skip first period and sleep a little longer ,so second period. I go and they are playing doge ball I just sit on the side and hope no one ask about my eye, thankfully no one does then, I go to third period and it’s science and someone sits next to me and ask what happened and of course I lie I said that I tripped and fell and hit my eye. One more period to go and it’s math I’m so happy I got math I love math and it’s really easy to me. So I finish all my work so I play on my phone and then the bell rings and go home and everything is fine so I just going to go to sleep and that’s the end of my first week of school so

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