The Red River

June 25, 2017
By FionaT BRONZE, Caen, Other
FionaT BRONZE, Caen, Other
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« Thou hast it now: king, Cawdor, Glamis, all,
As the weird women promised, and I fear
Thou played'st most foully for 't. Yet it was said
It should not stand in thy posterity,
But that myself should be the root and father
Of many kings. If there come truth from them—
As upon thee, Macbeth, their speeches shine—
Why, by the verities on thee made good,
May they not be my oracles as well,
And set me up in hope? But hush, no more. » said Banquo

Macbeth and his wife arrive in the hall, and invite Banquo to the banquet celebrating their new title. The following week, Banquo with his son and other people such as thanes and family arrive to the castle for the reception. The meal starts and everything goes well until Banquo starts mentioning the crime, but Macbeth immediately prays not to speak about this now. After the meal, all the guests are staying at the castle for the night. Banquo goes to bed but for sure he does not sleep well knowing he is only a few rooms away from Macbeth. Macbeth did not sleep well either because of the guilt and of Banquo knowing about the prophecy and Banquo’s prophecy: his line is to be king...

In the early morrow Banquo wakes Fleance, thanks MacBeth and Lady Macbeth and their servants for the dinner and the hospitality. On their way back home, Banquo explains to Fleance all about the witches, the prophecy, his prophecy; the titles; his suspicions… Fleance his quite interested, he starts thinking… Back home, a rumor is spreading: Macduff is going to England to build an army and get Malcom to fight against Macbeth, and then put Malcom on the throne. Everyone is happy, but Fleance thinks he could be king and he has to stop Macduff. But how?

A few days later, Macbeth decides to go and see the three witches, the first witch tells him he should beware of Banquo and his son. The second witch says to beware of Macduff and the third sister tells him to only start to be afraid when the water of the river turn red. Macbeth thinks he is safe because Banquo is his best friend, Fleance is inoffensive and after all, it’s impossible for the water to become red. He goes back to his castle and announces the prophecy to his wife. His wife answers that she is not feeling well and goes to bed to lie down. At the same moment, a messenger enters and reports that Macduff has the intention of going to England to bring back an army and Malcolm, to fight the king and put Malcom on the throne. However, during the night, Macduff is murdered in a tavern. Macbeth reacts as shocked but he is very happy and wonders who he should thank.

Lady Macbeth is happy when she hears about MacDuff, but she is anxious now someone else might want to follow his plan to conquer the throne for Malcom. She feels guilty and starts sleep walking so she has to sleep in another room so she doesn’t disturb Macbeth. One night, a guard even saw lady Macbeth with a dagger trying to enter her husband’s bedroom… But once, Macbeth was on a trip to see a farmer in the country side and a messenger arrives out of breath and declares with regret that his wife committed suicide. 

One day, Banquo goes to a meeting in Macbeth’s castle with all the other thanes. On his way, he is hungry and kills a deer. Before eating it, he washes it in the river, the river turns red and Banquo is so surprised that he lets the deer go with the stream. Macbeth sees the water of the river turning red from his window. All day long, he is very nervous: the discussion starts with the problems of the country but at the end of the day when already a few of the guests are gone, a conflict explodes between the two friends. Banquo publicly accuses Macbeth, saying he went on the throne using an evil method… Macbeth and Banquo start a fight with swords. At the end of the duel, Banquo gives no sign of life… When Fleance hears the scoop, he is full of anger and wants to revenge his dad. He goes on his horse to the castle without stopping. On his arrival, he runs to Macbeth who does not have time to say a word and plants his dagger in his heart. The prophecies all came true because now Fleance is King.

The author's comments:

This is a Fan fiction about Mabeth from William Shakespeare , I wrote it in class after reading and working on the play. I'ts how the story would end if Macbeth did not order the murderers to kill Banquo and Fleance. I recomend this fiction for people who have read Macbeth already; and if you haven't, well I recommend you to read it and then come back and read my fanfic and the one of my classmates who also wrote one inspired from Macbeth.?

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