Her true love story

June 22, 2017
By Anonymous

“I will curse you!” Scream Athena. “You take my love! I'll never forgive you! Why he takes you Amphritite?!” Athena, goddess of war and the symbol of the Greeks. This beautiful pure women who cry for a men? This was insane but Amphritite was too angry to think so she screamed on Athena “why would he like you? You're not even a woman! Look at you! Someone who walk with an armor all the time, why would he like you?”


“Say something Athena! Don't lose!” scream Juliet.

“Lady Juliet! Don't scream like this. You're scared me” said her governess.

“Sorry” said Juliet. “Do you think I will love someone like Athena and I'll feel pain like her?” asked Juliet.

“If you feel pain, it mean this man is horrible but it also mean you really love him”.

“Sorry Elizabeth, I don't understand what you said. But I think when I will be sixteen... maybe seventeen... no sixteen is good. So when I will be sixteen years old, I think I can understand what you said”

“I hope so. Now good night”.

“Good night Elizabeth”.

Juliet dreamed of Athena. Athena in a blue and shinny long dress, hand with hand with Poseidon. “What will became Amphritite?” She think long time about this question and fall asleep.


Several years passed and Juliet became a 15 beautiful Lady. She's nice and warm with everyone and many man ask her hand but she was cold with them. She doesn't want to marry a stranger because she has someone in her heart. She looked at him everyday from the window but he don't know her existence. Juliet was in love in Romeo, the son of the enemy, the Montague family. One day Juliet's father saw her looking at Romeo from the window. He said nothing and went away. Juliet never knew it was her destiny who change at this moment. The week after, her uncle, Othello came to the castle.

“My niece! How nice to see you!” greet Othello.

“Long time no see uncle Othello” said Juliet who was exhausted.

“I can see you are really happy to see me”.

“It not like that! I'm just surprised. And you are married to a beautiful wife. How is aunt Desdemona?”

The atmosphere changed at this moment.

“Desdemona turn into a start...” started Othello

“I'm really sorr...”

“This is the reason of my visit. I want you to became my wife”.

“WHAT!?” screamed everyone in the hall.

“My brother, Macbeth became crazy and Scotland is in danger. Malcolm came to England and asked some help.

Your family have a good army but your father said I had to marry you if I want to help...”

plop... plop...plop... tears started falling.

“I'm just a Toy for you! ”. Juliet ran and ran and ran .


She was in front of a river. She started to cry hardly. She doesn't want to think. She only want to cry.
“Who are you?”

Juliet turned around and saw Romeo. Her beautiful prince was in front of her on a white horse. She was dreaming.

“Who is that girl” asked a voice. A women voice.

“I don't know but she looks really sad. Her eyes are red”.

“Take her in the castle. I will take care of her” said the women on a brown horse.

“Thanks Rosaline”.

Everything became dark. It was the worst day of her life. Juliet saw the hand of Rosaline and asked:


“Call me Rosaline”.

“OK. Rosaline, on your finger, this ring...”

“Its from Romeo; he finally accepts my feelings. I don't know why because he had someone he loved”.

Juliet disappeared. He had someone he love and he's engaged to someone else and he would marry her next month. Juliet ran and ran and ran, somewhere where anybody can find her.

“Why? What have I done to you? You take my love and you want me to marry my old uncle? God! Answer me! What have I done to you?!”

Juliet was tired of crying and screaming. Only few tears fell from her eyes.

“I can answer your question and I can resolve it too”

“Who is here?”

“I'm a sorcerer. My name is Shakespeare, I want to help you”.

“How can you help me? Everything is finished”.

“No, you're wrong. Nothing is finished because your story never started.”

“Excuse me?...”

“I have the power to rewrite your destiny. I can change your life”.

“Really? Please do it! I want to become the only lover of my Romeo!”

He smiles and said:

“All magic comes with a price” with this word he vanished.

Juliet went back to her home and when she finally reached her house, everyone cried when they saw her. Juliet started to cry too but it was because she was happy to feel that some people loved her.

“Where is uncle Othello?”asked Juliet.

“He was an impostor. He disguised as your uncle for the fortune of the house”. Said Elizabeth.

“It means there is no marriage?”

“Yes!” replied Elizabeth really happy.

Juliet was extremely happy her heart was bounding and... everything stopped. She remembered about Romeo and Rosaline (and Romeo's love). Few month passed after the apparition of the sorcerer and Rosaline died mysteriously and Romeo started to looked at Juliet. Macbeth was defeated and the false Othello (who was called John Falstaff), never appeared again. Juliet's love story started but the only is problem their families.
“Oh, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo? Forget about your father and change your name. Or else, if you won’t change your name, just swear you love me and I’ll stop being a Capulet”. Started Juliet.

“Just call me your love, and I will take a new name. From now on I will never be Romeo again” answer Romeo.


                      “All magic comes with a price”

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