My Time as a Jedi (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

June 19, 2017
By luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
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Even though I'm still pretty young, I've gone on many missions as a Jedi.


My new mission is to kill a guy who goes by the name of Proton Spike. He must be very dangerous because this will be my first mission with a partner. My partner will be Obi-Wan.


A long time ago we were best friends, but our Jedi training kept us apart. I haven't seen him in years.


Once Obi-wan and I meet, we head to my informant to find out some information about him. However, my informant is in the next town, so we need to use a taxi ship to get there.


Once we're ready, we find a driver and set off. We leave town and fly into the woods.


About two minutes later, I start to feel weird. I start to lose the feeling in my legs and fall down, face first, onto the floor of the taxi ship. Obi-Wan bends down to ask if I'm okay. I try to get up, but I can't. "I can't move," I say.


Seeing me on the floor, the driver lands in the middle of the woods and gets up with a smug smile on his face. Obi-Wan looks toward the driver. "What did you do to her!?"


The driver says, "Nothing. I just paid someone to poison her." Obi-Wan powers up his light saber and attacks. After what seems like an hour, they both stop fighting to breathe. My head is spinning and I can barely think.


The driver says, "Oh, I forgot to mention that poison is slow-acting, very painful." Then, he laughs maniacally. Pushed over the edge Obi-Wan slices him in half. The driver's appearance then changes. It's the guy we're looking for!


With one last look at our target, Obi-Wan comes to my side. Panicking, I say, "I still can't move!"


He sets his hand gently on my head and says, "It's okay, you're gonna be fine."


Not knowing how to pilot the ship, we have no choice but to walk back to town. So, Obi-Wan picks me up and starts walking.


As we go, I start to get worse sweating and breathing heavily. It starts to get dark, so Obi-Wan decides to make camp. He makes a bed for me and lays me down on it. However, I'm scared and can't sleep. Obi-Wan tried to comfort me by holding one of my hands in both of his. He quietly says, "Go to sleep, Amelia. Everything will be fine." I'm not sure, so I look at him with worried eyes. "I'll be here when you wake up," and then he squeezes my hand. I close my eyes and slowly fall asleep with Obi-Wan still holding my hand.


I wake up in the middle of the night with terrible pain. It burns all over. Screaming from the pain, Obi-Wan wakes up. He realizes what's happening and yells my name. He panics trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly, he stops panicking, looks at me, and puts his hand on my forehead. "Amelia, you're burning up. I'll go get some water." Obi-Wan runs off and then comes back. He tears a piece of cloth off of his shirt and soaks it in the water. He gently places it on my forehead.


I immediately relaxed a little, no longer screaming in pain, instead moaning from time to time. Relieved, Obi-Wan grabs my hand and places a soft kiss on it. Because of the pain, I can't sleep, so I just lay there trying to keep quiet so Obi-Wan can sleep.


When morning comes, I find that the pain is gone and I had fallen asleep. I still can't move, so Obi-Wan picks me up and continues walking.


About ten minutes later, the pain comes back. In response, I start moaning again. Noticing that I'm getting worse, Obi-Wan says, "It's taking longer to get back to town than I thought it would, but we should be back soon." I hum in response, not really able to talk.


As Obi-Wan walks, I feel myself drifting off. I lose what little grip I had on Obi-Wan and fall off of his back onto the ground. Obi-Wan bends down to see if I'm alright. He picks me up and leans me against a tree, deciding we should take a break.


As we sit, I hear a noise. Obi-Wan heard it too and looks around to find the source. We get attacked. Obi-Wan stands in front of me protectively. He fights all of the forest creatures not letting one get to me. However, one comes from behind the tree, sneaking behind him and attacks me. The creature scratches up my arm, making me bleed. I scream and Obi-Wan turns around slicing the creature in half. Once, all of the creatures are dead or have run away, Obi-Wan takes the cloth from earlier and wraps my arm with it. He picks me up, once again, and continues walking.


The poison combined with my arm and small loss of blood, I can tell I don't have long. Obi-Wan knows it too. Obi-Wan's pace becomes faster as he says, "Amelia, keep fighting. We'll be back soon and we can get help. Don't die on me." I grip his shoulders letting him know I'm trying.


However, it's getting harder and harder to keep my eyes open. Just when I feel my eyes closing, Obi-Wan stops. Curious, I open my eyes. We made it to the edge of town! There are Jedi soldiers and medical staff waiting for us. They put me in a medical vehicle and begin working. Knowing I'm in good hands, I finally allow myself to close my eyes.


When I wake up, all I see is darkness. But, I hear someone. It's fuzzy, but I can tell what they're saying. "The antidote has worked very well. It's almost completely gone, but she still might feel a little pain. However, there is no knowing when or if she will wake up. I'm sorry."


I feel someone grab my hand and say my name. I know that voice. It's Obi-Wan. With a little bit of a struggle, I open my eyes and look at Obi-Wan. "Amelia! You're awake. It's been three days. I was really worried." I smile at how worried he was. I went to give him a hug, but end up wincing in pain. Obi-Wan notices and says, "Amelia, don't move too much, the doctor said you might still be in pain and it would be best for you to limit your movements." I nod and lean back.


Obi-Wan looks at me for a while and then whispers, "I'm so glad you're okay." He slowly leans in and I know what's coming. I can feel his breath on my lips. One move, and we will be kissing.


Without my knowledge, my hands move up an wrap around his neck. He takes this as a signal and finally connects his lips to mine. His lips are soft and warm as they gently caress mine, as if I'll break with the slightest pressure. We part and I'm out of breath. He rests his forehead against mine as we fight for air.


"Obi-Wan, thank you. I would've died if you weren't there. You saved me."


"Always, Amelia, always."

The author's comments:

I really hope you like this! Inspires by my first time watching the series and my dreams.

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