The Day Violet met Nancy

Sitting in the support group room were two brunettes. Both older siblings, beautiful, and intelligent yet one was an orphan. One had lost a friend, the other lost her parents.

"So.." Nancy spoke up. "What are you here for?"

"Your story seems a bit more simple." Violet replied. "You first."

"My best friend was taken into this awful dimension while I did it with some jerk named Steve." Nancy looked down at her feet in disappointment. "I know it's all my fault."

"Well, I'm sorry that happened to you." Violet mumbled. "I wish I could've helped you."

"You couldn't have helped me, you weren't there." Nancy responded.

"Yeah I wasn't, I was knocked out in a hospital." Violet shivered.

"What happened to you?" Nancy gazed at Violet.

"I was almost married to a terrible man named Count Olaf, most of my guardians died due to him and and-" Violet began to sob. "I promised I would look out for my siblings and they got into all sorts of trouble and it's all because of me."

Nancy pulled Violet into a hug as both of them began to cry and comfort each other. Soon realising, both of them were never truly alone.

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StrangerPeculiars said...
Aug. 18 at 12:45 pm
Out of all of my short story ideas this happens to be my favorite.
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