The Not so Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

May 18, 2017

It was Wednesday, April fool’s day. Zack and Cody both knew that today they were going to prank the girl that had been wanting to go out with one of them for months. Her name was Lexi and she had been admiring them all school year for their hair and how grown up they were. She was too nervous to ask them out so she waiting for one of them to. Lexi was sitting out on the bench near the playground when Cody walks up to her with a big smile on his face. His brother Zack stays out of sight while he records the whole thing so he can show his friends. Cody goes and sits next to Lexi and puts his arm around him. He looks into her light blue eyes and asks her if she would like to go out on a date sometime. Lexi, thinking he was being serious, shot up from the bench and lit up like a lightbulb. She was so glad that he finally asked her out, but shortly after Cody asked her, he made the great reveal and told her it was a prank.
That night Lexi went home in tears. When she walked in the door, her dad, Erwin, stopped her to ask her what’s wrong. At first she was hesitant to tell him knowing he would try to do something about it. Later that night, Erwin came to Lexi’s room with a plan. He had come up with the plan to kidnap Cody and whoever was behind it to teach them a lesson.
The next day at school everyone had forgot about the prank. All accept one. Lexi invited Cody and some other people that were involved with the prank out to dinner that night. Accepting the invitation, they all showed up at Olive garden to eat at the time they agreed to that night. Everyone put in their orders as Lexi was texting her dad to let him know when to execute the plan. As usual, Cody was telling corny jokes and making fun of the other people in their grade. A few minutes later they were all eating and talking when Lexi thought it was time to let her know so they could do the plan. Right after the text was sent, the lights went out. It was pitch black and everyone was dead silent. All you could hear was the rustling of footsteps running throughout the restaurant. When the lights turn back on, Cody and Lexi were gone.
It was dark and it had a damp smell to it. Cody was in a warehouse in the back of a vacant lot. At first he didn’t know what he was doing there until he noticed the bright light in his face and the ropes around his arms and legs. Right then he knew that he messed with the wrong girl. Out of the dark came Erwin with a round brown object. Cody couldn’t quite tell what is was until he got closer and noticed that it was… a potato??  When he got a closer look, he saw that Erwin was making fried potatoes and broccoli. He was going to ask why he was tied up until he realized what he did yesterday.
Meanwhile back at the restaurant, Zack and his friends were trying to find Cody by retracing their steps to see if he left any trace of where he went. Right when they were about to give up, Zack felt a stinging feeling on his cheek. When he and his brother were younger, and one of them would fall, the other one would feel it to a certain extent. At first, he didn’t think much about it, but after it happened again, he knew that his brother was in trouble.
Back at the warehouse, Cody was getting beat with a belt because he was asking too many questions. After the last question he asked about where he was, Erwin gave him another stern smack and pushed his chair over and it came crashing to the ground. When he fell back, the ropes tightened and he let out a loud cry for his brother.
Having still not knowing his whereabouts, Zack and his friend were still looking for Cody, but right when Cody got knocked over, Zack as well fell to the ground. After he got back up and regathered his thoughts, he knew where his brother was using his twin powers. Zack and his friends that were with him all followed in disbelief that he would be able to tell exactly where he was. When they got to the warehouse, they stood outside thinking of a plan to get Cody back. They finally agreed that the Friends would stay back and fight while Zack would go inside and get his brother.

The Fight
Zack is hiding at the back of the warehouse while the friends are trying to lure Erwin and Lexi out. They knock on the door hoping someone will come out, but no one does. They wait a couple minutes and then decide to just go in. The door is still unlocked due the poor planning of Erwin and Lexi. They snuck around the corner where they hear the cries of Cody. Then out from behind, Erwin and Lexi come out to try to pull a sneak attack on Zack and Cody’s friends. Fists were flying everywhere while Zack snuck in the back to free his brother. He found his brother on the ground still tied to the chair.  He quickly untied him and they decided to just go right into the fighting and try to break it up. Erwin was standing in the doorway of the warehouse, so Cody snuck up behind him a knocked him in the head with the frying pan he was using to cook the potatoes. He immediately fell to the ground knocked out cold from the blow, but Cody didn’t notice there was still oil in the pan, and he burnt his legs. As the fighting continued, Zack’s and his friends were quickly dominating the fight until London, one of their friends, turns and starts to fight with Lexi. Now it is just Zack and one other of his friends, Maddie, Fighting against Lexi and London. Zack and Maddie went back into the warehouse and got the rope that Cody was tied in, and used it to tie Erwin, Lexi, and London together. Erwin had just gained consciousness when he felt the ropes rubbing against his skin and yelling, “You’ll never get away with this” tries to escape, but the ropes only got tighter.

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