The Story of Davy Jones

May 9, 2017
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                 Accounts of Captain Davy Jones:
                 Captain of the Flying Dutchman
   Ah, that Jack Sparrow! Don’t even get me started on that sorry skallywag. He is a thief, liar, cheater, and murderer. I have to be honest, just this one time, he is a good pirate. However, a good pirate makes for a terrible person. While that slippery fellow, Will Turner, may say he is “good man” for helping him save his dear Elizabeth, I know the real Jack Sparrow. He would do nothing out of the kindness of his heart. There must be a profit to him. He is blinded by treasures, power, and having the proper “leverage”. He lives by the Pirate Code, especially the following guidelines:
   ?. He who falls behind is left behind.
   ?. Take what you can, give nothing back.
   ?. Honesty is the best policy for someone else.
(and most importantly…)
   ?. Make sure the rum is never gone and never trade the rum.
He puts himself on a pedestal, reminding everyone that there should be a “Captain” somewherein his name, and if it isn’t a part of his brilliant or mad plan (“it’s remarkable how often those two traits coincide”), it must be “incredibly stupid”. THAT is why I don’t fancy the sick soul known as Captain Jack Sparrow. Ya savvy?
                                                                              Davy Jones
   Well, now that you know my honest opinion about Sparrow, you need to know about me. I haven’t always been cursed to the hideous state that I am now, part wretched sea creature part man. Growing up I was your normal lad. I had friends and a family, at one time. I have always been fascinated by sailing and the sea. Ah, but at last I fell in love. Crazy thing it is, and even crazier things you’ll endure for it.
   Her name is Calypso. She is so beautiful, and she has an untamed spirit just like the ocean. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why I loved her so much. She reminded me of my favorite thing . . . sailing. That’s besides the matter, she is a heathen goddess, and I loved her for her unique mixture of two completely opposite personalities. I could never predict what she would do next or where her free spirit would take her, but I loved her and she loved me. She has powers so amazing and mind boggling that I can’t even begin to describe them. I would do anything for her, and I did.

                                                                              Davy Jones
   The joy my Calypso brought me was as bountiful as the treasure of Cortes. However, she caused me as much pain as the supposed Kraken itself. Because she loved me so much, she “rewarded” me with a dreadful task. I had to board the mighty Flying Dutchman and ferry all poor dead souls to the other worlds beyond this one. She said if I did this job for ten years, I could come back ashore and be with her forever, and a new Captain for the Dutchman would be found.
    Of course I agreed, she was my lover after all. So, I gathered my scroungy crew and we began our ten year contract. I worked diligently to please her, and I carried thousands of poor sailors to the other side. Which is what I do to this day, and yes, it has been more than 10 years.
                                                                              Davy Jones

   After my 10 years at sea, I was more than ready for my duty to be over and to reunite with Calypso. I sailed the Dutchman ashore, to the sandy beach where we had decided to meet a decade prior. However, when I stepped foot onto the dry sand my love was nowhere to be seen.
   She promised me she’d wait for me, that she would remain faithful, and she would be there for me, but she had lied. She wasn’t there waiting for me.
   I have never been that hurt before, and I couldn’t control myself. I was furious. I did that wretched sea witch's dirty work for 10 years, and this is how she repaid me! I climbed aboard my ship, shouted orders out to my crew, and never looked back. I would get my revenge…. Eventually.
                                                                              Davy Jones
06- 19- 1740
   Yes, it took a lot of diligent plotting, but I was determine to make that woman pay. I must admit, it was not a one person job. The Pirate Brethren helped me trick Calypso into a mortal, human body. Now, she would be known as Tia Dalma.
   Aye, it was cruel and cold hearted for me to do it, but so was what she did to me. However, I am not just the sea wretch I appear to be. My guilt and heartache became so severe that I had to do something to get rid of it, so I ripped my very own heart out entirely. I locked it away in a chest along with all the feelings I had ever had. I then buried the locker where nobody will ever find it . . . the Isla of Cruces.
                                                                              Davy Jones
   Now that I had nothing to hold me back, I returned to my true love, the sea. I grew bitter and hateful, and I acquired a craving for all things brutal. Pirates all over the seven seas feared me because I, Davy Jones, could not be stopped. Without my humanly heart, I could not be killed. The only way to do it would be to pierce the heart itself, but I had, and still have, nothing to worry about. Nobody knows where my black heart is, except for me. At that moment my force rapidly increased, and I soon met my full potential. Ruler of the Seas.

                                                                              Davy Jones

   It does exist! It is not just a story, a legend, a myth, and I am in control of it! The Kraken is everything the legends have told it to be. It is 10 ships in length, and has several long tentacles like a squid. His mouth is complete with hundreds of razor sharp teeth, and he has orange beady eyes that could stare into your soul. The Kraken is strong enough to pull entire ships down to the darkest depths of the ocean. Just his suckers alone are strong enough to rip the flesh off a man’s face. And I, Davy Jones, have complete reign over it. Haha! That Captain Jack Sparrow is a dead man now.
                                                                              Davy Jones
   It has been so long since I've last wrote in here. I have been extremely busy with my never ending work. With the Kraken on my side, more and more men, in fear of death, have signed their souls over to me and joined my immortal crew. My army has nearly tripled in size! There will be no stopping me now. First, Sparrow. Then, Tia Dalma. Finally, the whole ocean! They will all be in the palm of my hands. Things are finally looking up for poor ole Davy Jones.
                                                                              Davy Jones
   Everything is happening faster that I had hoped. I have now placed a curse on that sorry Sparrow. I call it the black spot.  It is a nasty black wound that appears on the hand of someone that owes their servitude to me, and old Jackie owed me 100 souls. Now, the Kraken in capable of locating Sparrow and removing him from me permanently.

                           -Later that same day-

   It happened! Jack is dead! No more! Gone! Never to be heard from again! The Kraken got him just has planned. However, I must admit that the task was not an easy one. The Kraken tracked down his vessel, The Back Pearl, and immediately started to take it down. Sparrow’s crew fought back long and hard, but they were eventually forced to abandon ship. That’s when “sweet” Elizabeth tricked Jack, don’t ask me how,  and chained him to his very own ship. Thus he was killed and will never be my problem again.
                                                                              Davy Jones
   Blast that Jack Sparrow! How does he do it! He was DEAD, and now he’s not! I just don’t get it, but then again I am the Captain of and undead crew. Anyways, this calls for war. I have made a bargain with the British Navy, and we will take down that pirate and his crew. Even if he has the help from the other nine pirate lords, he doesn’t stand a chance. We outnumber him three to one. It shall go down in history as the day we finally killed Captain Jack Sparrow (and I mean it this time). When we engage in our all out warfare, I’ll have sparrow dead, and England won’t have to worry about their most wanted pirate anymore.
I have not another moment to waste. Soon our battle will begin, and we will all get what is coming to us. I must go and prepare my crew. There has been a change in the winds, and the waves a starting toss my ship. That is perfect though; those rookies won’t stand a chance. I will return when it is over with and document my victory.
                                                                              Davy Jones

   It was later that stormy night that the British Navy, Davey Jones, and the Nine Pirates Lords assumed positions in their sea surrounded battlefield. The odd were all in favor for Davy Jones. The winds blew and the rained poured. The waves whirled and thrashed the boats. It looked as if Davy Jones was going to finally defeat Sparrow, but that was not exactly what happened that fateful day.
   Without Jones knowing, Sparrow had tracked down his precious hidden, heart, with the help of his compass that leads him to what he most desires. During the battle, Jones managed to stab Will Turner, and for a moment the crew thought that all hope was lost. However, just in time, Jack took the heart to Turner, so he could destroy it and save his own life. While saving his own life, Turner killed the infamous ruler of the seas, and he was now declared Captain of the Flying Dutchman. Sadly, this meant that he only had one day to be with his new bride, Elizabeth Swann. On this last day, the two conceived a son, and ten years later Will returned to be a father to his boy and a husband to his wife.

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