April 18, 2017
By kaylabucolo1 BRONZE, Myteral Beach , South Carolina
kaylabucolo1 BRONZE, Myteral Beach , South Carolina
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Amanda was quietly sneaking through the halls of the abandoned spaceship while carrying a six year old girl trying to keep them self hidden from the alien. Amanda heard rustling in the vent and amanda knew it was the alien closing on them, she quickly got into a locker that was just big enough for her and the little girl. The little girl or Rose was trying to keep herself quiet and muffle her little whimper of fear.
“ don’t worry Rose I promise the alien won’t  get you not on my watch” Amanda whispered slowly sitting down on the ground of the locker holding Roses closes while rubbing her back reassuringly manner, Rose slowly nodded while she held Amanda closes as well.
“ I know but I don’t want to lose you, your as closes as a mother to me and I don’t want to lose you to that thing”  Rose whispered hiding her faces in Amanda chest. There was a sound of heavy breathing coming from behind the locker door both Amanda and Rose go stiff, amanda hold around Rose tighter frighten that the alien would find them, soon green acid slowly started to drip down the opening of the locker. Both Amanda and Rose held their breath so they wouldn’t get caught. The breathing soon started to faded away in the distances and Amanda stood up looking through the hole of the locker door to see the alien jumping back into the vents. Amanda gave a sigh of relief while she open the locker door continuing her way to the exist of the abandoned spaceship, they were left and right turn and Amanda had no idea where the exist was so she was searching for it while Rose hid her head in her chest not wanting to look up afraid. Amanda rubbed her back trying to keep her calm.
“ I love you mama” rose whispered quietly, those word made Amanda mind completely freezes while she walk.
“ I love you too” amanda whispered back as she continues to rub her back in a calm manner. Rose smiled slightly and so did Amanda but Amanda smile grew wider when she saw something she would never see again, it was the exist out of this places. Amanda look left and right wondering if the alien was close by but to be honest she didn't’ care she started to run straight for it and when she got there. She quickly open the door and closing it placing Rose down and grabbing a pipe putting it between the doors so the alien couldn’t get out.
“ we are out we’re safe” Amanda said as tears of relief come out of her eyes while she hugged rose tightly, Rose hugged back quickly laughing happily that they were finally free.    

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