Beth Ann's Big Bang Moment

March 9, 2017
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My brother Sheldon had spoken to me for months about the rocky relationship of Howard and Bernadette. He even texted pictures of them in their angry moments, arguing in the kitchen over silly things like which coffee to brew, hazelnut or vanilla. So I was not surprised to learn of their break up.
    But somehow, in spite of this drama, I found Howard attractive. We worked in the same field, as physicists, and this meeting of the minds moved me. I've never actually met him face-to-face, but knew it was time. I crossed campus with my arms full of books and found Howard at work in his own lab. "I have walked long and far to see if you are as beautiful in the flesh as you are in my dreams,” I murmured.  When Howard heard this, he quivered, "I didn't know you felt this way." I nodded shyly and said, "I prefer hazelnut as well!" He sighed, "Beth Ann, we have physics and coffee in common."
    Later that evening, over Chinese take out in Sheldon's apartment Howard asked, "Would you like more sesame chicken?" I shook my head,  "No thank you, I prefer the deep fried grasshoppers." You're so exotic!" Howard exclaimed. "And you, Howard, are as beautiful in the flesh as you are in my dreams." I said.

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