Figures In The Darkness Chapter 2

March 4, 2017

Me and Lucas kept on running. We were in so much trouble. We were at the ages of 27 and 28. I was 28, and Lucas was 27. I had on a clemson shirt, blue jeans, my hair in a ponytail, and black nike shoes. I was still scared. I thought that the figure looked familiar. It looked like Antisepticeye, the dark side of Jacksepticeye. The other one I saw must of been Darkiplier, the dark side of Markiplier. I am scared out of my wits. I am about to be either murdered or kidnapped. I spoke, "Try and get us you freak!" I kept on running. I was stopped and saw another figure. It had red hair going backwards. I back away, but they stop us. Me and Lucas faint. We were taken away. The other two figures tie us to a bed. I wake up an hour later, and the figure with blood red eyes walks over and speaks, "Awake already?" He had a smirk on his face. This isn't good. I was terrified, but I couldn't look him straight in the eye. His blood red eyes were looking at me in happyness. I was in absolute shock. He got on the bed and sat beside me. I closed my eyes and turned my head. He grabbed my chin with two fingers. His pointer finger and thumb. I opened my eyes with small eyes. I was still in shock. My hands were tied to the middle of the bed. I looked him in the face, I tried to speak, but his finger stops me. I had a finger on my lips. It was Darkipier's finger. His skin was a dark grey. I tried struggling. It didn't work. I passed out and never woke up until after two hours.

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