Figures In The Darkness Chapter 3

March 5, 2017

I woke up two hours later. I woke up to Darkiplier talking to Antisepticeye. I was still in shock. Lucas was right beside me. I tried to wake him up, but it didn't work. I spoke, "L-Lucas? Are you awake?" He didn't answer. He just opened one eye and looked at me. He tried to speak, "L-Lisa? Are you okay? Where are we?" I looked at the two demons in shock. They look at me and Lucas and spoke, "Well, Well, look who's awake?" I closed my eyes and didn't speak. I was scared to death! I had no family, they were murdered by some people. I didn't know who murdered my mom and dad. Was it some robots? I didn't know. I was with my boyfriend. I lived with his family. I feel my heart race. Was I about to have a heart attack? I looked at Dark, and then Anti. They spoke, "What are we gonna do with them?" My heart was still racing. I was scared and I think I wouldn't get out of this horrible nightmare. Or was it a nightmare? I didn't know. I am still scared. I try to struggle but it doesn't work, the figures look at us. They are planning something. 

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