February 14, 2017
By amanda.seeley BRONZE, Middleville , Michigan
amanda.seeley BRONZE, Middleville , Michigan
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I am lying on the sofa, watched the night skies full of sugary stars on the back porch. Last I knew the skies cover smoky fogs.

Chugga chugga, whoo whooo! “The next station we will stop at is Mountain City”, The train guard said. “Enjoy your day”! I reach into the top cupboard  to grab my suitcase and make my way into the Mountain City station. Harry Potter? I though, what is Harry Potter is doing in Mountain City? His speed increased as I followed him, I finally catch up to him in the station,corner off. He grabs me and pull me out of sight. “You must be Harry Potter!”; I said, “you’re my favorite character in the movie, this is awesome!” Before I could finish talking, Harry Potter interrupts me, “ This is important! I am danger,please help me. Lord Voldemort is try to kill me!” “ Lord Voldemort!”

Confused, I state, “Lord Voldemort is an actor,not a real person”. “I when into the time travel” said Harry Potter; “I got pulled into another dimension with Lord Voldemort, but I am not sure how." When you time travel, you are traveling from one time period to another, such as from the year 1989 back to the year 1789. What Harry did go from one reality to another, therefore he traveled through a dimension to a different world”. While he was talking I glance over my shoulder as he is speaking. “Is that Lord Voldemort” I said, “what is he doing here?”. “Run!” Harry Potter shouts. Together we run out of the station; we turn in the direction of a nearby mountain and start to climb.

“What a beautiful day, we’re not scared. Oh forest, we cannot go under it; we can not go over it, and we have to go through it”. “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” book runs through my mind. We run as much as we, we both stop at the edge of the mountain, Harry Potter uses his magic wand try to kill Lord Voldemort, but he forgot his magic words. Before Lord Voldemort catches us; we both jump off the cliff down into the river.

AAAAAAHHHHH!  As I fall down the cliff and splash down into the water. Harry potter? I wondered. Why is mine in the swinging pool? After I got out of the pool; I realized I was in the school. Just as I looked, two American people drive a golf cart into the school. “Are you coming Chunhua”, said American people, “you in the pink towel”.
Yes; you. We got to get ready for Puerto Rico. I got your stuff ready, come on.
Ok? As I’m walking toward them. How my name change to Chunhua? I thought.
Come on, we’re gonna be late. Said America people
After we got to the airport; we all hopped on the airplane. So, why are we going to Puerto Rico. I said. Don’t you remember we’re going vacation? Said American people. I’m guess I suppose knowing what’s happening, but I don’t know anything are happening. Then I felt my ear is getting tighter, it must be airplane pass turbulence wind in the mountain. Lady and gentleman, welcome to Puerto Rico, said flight attendant. Next we headed to the hotel. Somebody at the hotel told us that tomorrow is funny consume a day, and there will be parade show on the main street. In the morning, I was waiting on the street to watch the funny costume or parade show. Then I hear some noise down the road, it must be the show had started it. Oh my goodness! What is that. I said. The consume looked scary as a clown, which is called vejigante consume. One of the vejigante walked close to me, I was so scary that I ran off; I thought he was gonna do some things to me. Ah Ah ah! Yelled as I run. When I looked back vejigante was chasing after me. I ran so fast; I didn’t know I was going, so I ran toward the wall.

Ouch! I woke up on the floor. I must fall off the sofa will I was sleepy. I said. Oh, my head. Ding Dong! I hear the doorbell ring. I head to the door, then I went to open the it. Uh-huh! I yelled. A little joker stand at the door said “trick tree”. I realized all those strange things were just a dream. Did you know dream can be true. Most early morning dream is true, it tells you what’s gonna happen in the future.

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