The Girl

November 10, 2016
By Anonymous

I feel their presence in the woods,surely but slowly catching up to me.I feel the wind playing with my ears and tail.That’s right,ears and tail,you see,I’m a werewolf,or half-human and half-wolf.Now,it’s not like those cliche werewolves where you have hind legs and your body is full of hair or have ears,tail, and a muzzle.No,I just have ears and tail.My body is normal--human.I suddenly hear a sword on my right,then left.Shhhoooooottttt! I thought.I run faster,fast enough where it will take seconds to stop.I see a flash of purple and realized that it was a HUGE sword and I made a quick plan.First jump onto a tree,second double myself and my double will go left while I stay straight northeast until I reach the village of Phoenix Drop.I jumped sideways onto a strong branch and started to jump tree to tree.I felt three presences below me so I used my majiks and made a copy of myself.My copy goes left and two presences go away Idiots!They are just focused on catching me that they don’t think straight.Ha! Even though one person didn’t buy it so I teleported four miles ahead and I know that it takes seven to ten minutes to run a mile.I look around my suroundings to see that I was in a plaza.Finally I’m here in the village of Phoenix Drop”Thank you Zoey for taking care of Malachi and Levin for me!” A female voice said.”Your welcome Aphmau!I just love babies!” Another female voice said.Suddenly they walk around a corner and see me.A woman with raven black hair with bright orange eyes unsheathes a diamond sword and yells,”Who are you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” I just chuckle lightly and say,”I’m Serenity,Serenity Fires.I know you are the lord of this place and I am here to help you,not to do any harm.” Zoey I think,speaks up,”I can feel that you are very powerful and won’t do any harm.You are a mythical being and have many forms.Right now you are in your werewolf form.” I actually realize that she is a elf.”Yes!That is actually correct!I also realized that you are an elf too!”I happily said.Aphmau  the raven black haired woman said,”Fine,you can stay here in this village.Try anything and you will have consequences as well.I know that we will have a war with Zane and you can train everybody here.”I sighed and replied,”Call everyone that will fight to the plaza.This training won’t start by itself because you guys will have lots of training to do.”Soon everybody was in the plaza.I see 11 guards glaring at me.I just smile warmly until half of them just run towards me.I simply teleported 12 feet away and stand there and wait patiently.They still run up to me and I just keep teleporting.They eventually they just got tired  and they just gave up.The other half was just watching,being amused at the other guard’s efforts on trying to attack me.”We could just be wasting time if you keep trying to attack and still fail.I was supposed to train you,not wasting time for the war that is coming up.” A girl with pastel blue hair and bright blue eyes yells,”DID APHMAU APPROVE OF THIS?!?!?! THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!WE DON’T NEED TRAINING WE ARE PERFECTLY FINE JUST BY OURSELVES THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”This girl screams a lot…...jeeze I thought,worried that this village will get destroyed by the one and only Zane.Ugh,I feel sick just of thinking of his name.”Well actually your lord,Aphmau,did approve of this and I well tell you this now,I am very powerful and you would not like to see me angry AT ALL.Now,I see that you used to be a Jury of Nine and Mr.BrownHaired is a shadow knight plus him being a cassanova.Also,Mr.Abbs,or the guy with the bandana used to be a lord of a village but I am not gonna spill the beans.The red haired is the famous Nicole,the daughter of Scaleswind,pleasure to meet you.Snow White is the protector of the Demon Warlock and feels sad about his mother,he is part demon,part warlock,and part human.He is also a cassanova,don’t flirt with me please.Oh!Also blondie is the son of O’Khasis.”All of the ones that I called out stepped foward,bowing a little.”I have very strong majiks,so I might help the majik users as well.” ”First,lets see how good you guys are with swords.”I handed them each a diamond sword.”Every one of you will battle me.Do not go easy on me,this will prove on what I will need to teach you induvidualy.”They all battled me and were surprisingly very good.”Okay,next we will try with the bow and arrows.This time we will have targets.”With that,I used a little bit of my majiks and made dummies pop up everywhere.After that,we were done,I hand them wet towels to cool themselves off.”We will do this every day until you guys are excellent in combat.Then I will test out your reflexes and speed.”


-----------------------------------Time skip to two months----------------------------------

                           In these two months,we have been training hardcore,while getting ready for the war that is going to happen in four days.”Serenity!Thank you for training us…..”Katelyn whispered.My Irene,she is actually appolgizing!?!?!?!?!?!? “Uhhhhhh…….no problem?You don’t need to thank me,but I thank you.You guys let me stay in this village and help you guys train.There is nothing that you guys need to thank me for.”This war inpacted this village,no lying there.

------------------------------------Time skip to four days---------------------------------------------------------

                      Everything was going fine in this day but the village was crazy.Everybody was anxious about the war I told them not to worry and that everything will be okay.Suddenly,Dante,ran up to me,”*pant*Serenity*pant*Zane*pant pant*Is*pant*Here*pant*”With that,I ran all the way to the gates.”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you guys aren’t even ready yet!”Zane said,laughing his little nasty butt off.”Oh no,we were ready……...ATTACK!!!”I yelled,with all my might.Soon everyone was fighting,and we were winning.”Ugh!RETREAT”Zane yelled,and with that,all of his guards retreated.All of the people that fought cheered.They started to cheer my name,”Serenity,Serenity,Serenity,SERENITY!!”I actually never felt more cared for in all my life.People would call me a freak and chase me out of their village.That is why I hide in the woods or forests.”Thank you for leading us to victory Serenity!”Aphmau said to me.




    The End!

The author's comments:

This is a little fan fiction.This is inspired by a Youtuber,Aphmau,she does roleplays and stuff.This is fan fiction about her series,Minecraft Diaries.

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