Mama Mia There I Go Again

November 7, 2016
By sarahc5 SILVER, Mocksville, North Carolina
sarahc5 SILVER, Mocksville, North Carolina
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"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." Albus Dumbledore

*Sky and Sophie ended up getting married so this is taking place Right after their wedding and the outdoor reception. Bill and Rosie are together after their duet at the reception and Sam is still trying to get Donna’s attention Harry and Costos have left for the mainland to start their life together. Donna and the dynamos are going to stick together and everyone that is staying is trying to  really get the hotel off the ground. Told in Sophie's point of view.*

“Donna why have you been ignoring me?” “ It's you Donna it's always been you I thought this invitation was you wanting to try again to see if we would work. So I turned in my resignation, I packed up all my things and I left. All for you donna and now you won't even give me the time of day?”  “Sam I don't have time to talk about this. I have to clean up, Sophie and Sky are about to leave for the mainland.”

“Goodbye Sweetie, stay safe you guys!”  Mom lead the group of smiling faces that had rushed to the dock to send us off . “So nice of literally everyone on the island to send us off.” “Oh Sky you know how they are.” “I just wish your mother would take a small break from the hotel.” “Well she is never going to take a break from the hotel especially not because we just got the website up.” “I am hoping that things will settle down and be a little easier for mom here at the hotel because everyone is pitching in.” Honestly I thought when my dad's got here I would know who really was my father and I didn't but now as the days pass by I really do think sam could be my real dad. I'm glad he is proposing now its just up to mom to say yes. She has been pushing off the dynamos reunion because she was so busy with the hotel but if she would  just let loose for once and sing or go out with sam then maybe that would be just the break she needed. “Sophie sweetie are you thinking about your mother again, that's all you have been doing the whole trip. She will be fine.” “I'm just worried she is working to hard or missing out because of her work.” 

When we arrived back at the hotel only nine days after the website went up there were lines upon lines of tourists flocking to the hotel. With the help and money that all of our friends had put into the hotel it was already looking better and the masses of people just made it look that much better. “Sam when did all of these people get her, do we even have rooms for all of these people?” “ Honestly I don't know they all seemed to show up at once and we are working on cleaning up the old goat houses to make those rooms as well but once we do that i think we will have plenty of rooms this is a pretty big place ya know. But listen Sophie I need to talk-”  “Excuse me coming through make way.” A tall woman with a large hat and darkly tinted sunglasses came into my line of vision and Just as sky was about to scold the women it hit me who it was. Meryl Streep was actually trying to get a room at my mom, Donna Sheridan's hotel This was amazing. Many of the guest got angry because we immediately gave Mrs. Streep a room but who wouldn't she's Meryl Streep! “ Sophie, Soph I need to talk to you the hotel has been so busy-” “ Tell me about it we have celebrities staying here now.” “I know that is the last thing I need your mother has been doubly busy and I need some alone time with her because I want to propose to her. This didn't really come as a shock to me because I think I wanted this to happen.

Several days later once the crowds died down Sam Finally Got his first date with mom. Luckily for all of us mom said yes Because the hotel was so busy they decided they wouldn't rush anything. The masses kept coming and everyone was in living harmoniously. Two years after the date of the engagement the wedding was set and everyone was excited all day we prepped and planned just as mom had done for my wedding. Sky and myself were especially excited because we had a little surprise of our own. After was seemed like a ceremony from heaven we all gathered under the stars to dance and celebrate. “To mom and Sam We all thought this day would never come but It is finally here and none of us could be happier as a way to thank you for being such a wonderful mother all of my life and to thank Sam for being a wonderful friend these past three years me and Sky and giving you the gift of a grandchild.” Cheers and tears of joy rang out from one end of the table to the other as people got up to dance and congratulate the happy couple and Sky and I as parents to be. 

The author's comments:

My all time favorite movie is Mama Mia. I love the ending but I thought I would put my own twist on things. 

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