Who Are You (sequel to Im Kris. Kris Wu)

August 9, 2016

*Erica’s P.O.V*
It’s been two months since Kris and I’ve started dating. Looking back, I really don’t regret anything. I wanted my first time to be with a special guy, and well, no one is more special to me than Kris. He never falls behind on making me feel like a princess. Sure the most expensive place we’ve ever been to eat is Halal. However, feeding him, sharing food, our inside jokes...all these experiences make even Halal special. But still...somewhere in my heart, he still exists. Eric…
“Hey babe,” I hear a growl, and feel two large hands wrap around my waist. I suddenly jolted and dropped the dish I was washing right back into the sink full of water and soap.
“Woke up already? I thought you’d be sleeping late after all that studying,” I said and spun around to face him.
“College….ughh, won’t even let me enjoy my time with you. C’mon, one more kiss, pwease,” he begs with his puppy eyes. Haha, how is he 19, and a sophomore in college?
“No, baby. Go get dressed before you get late!” I hopped off the counter and went back to cleaning the dishes.
Kris has been studying hard for this final test in his psychology class. Well, it’s not like he needs to study or anything anyways. However when he does, he goes back into his “cold guy” disposition. At times, he still managed to surprise me by showing me his soft side. Behind his “cold city boy” look, he is actually just a thoughtful puppy. Ever since he came into my life, I started thinking about Eric a lot less. I won’t say Kris is anything like Eric, if anything, they are polar apart. Kris always sends me cute texts and makes me blush, while Eric...well, I guess it’s best if I don’t bring him up.
“Baobei, I’m ready,” Kris walks out of our room wearing a black t-shirt with the word “Wolf” and number “88,” and ripped black jeans. So simple, so hot.
“Great! Here, I packed you sushi, make sure to eat it,” I hand him a small box, and lean in to give him a quick kiss. With that Kris left for his 4 hour lesson.
Since Kris and I both go to Preston College, we decided to live together. In a way, we are like a married couple! Since I have no class today, I decided to clean our room and then go to Cafe Bene.
“Hi ma’am, what would you like,” asks the cashier at Cafe Bene.
“Umm..I’ll go with milk bubble tea,” I said. I always order that anyways.
Soon, I gt order. It was only 11 am, one more hour till Kris gets back home. I decided to sit by the window and stare out. Thank god there was a seat there. I made my way towards the wooden table and chair and sat down. Not a lot of people were there today, weird, but not that I mind.
The sky started to darken. The world suddenly seemed like an unknown place, but it was comforting. The rain came hard and hit the glass as if it wanted to come through. I felt a chill go down my spine. The only time I felt that was when Eric and I broke up. No,,Erica...don’t. I took a sip of my bubble tea, and put on my headphones. Hmmm, I decided to play Evening Sky, by Ailee. Ding!
Kris: Baobei, I’m so bored :(
Haha, Kris. Texting me while at class, eh? Well it’s not like he needs to attend the lecture anyways. Somehow, he always gets the highest score.
Erica: Aww, poor baozi. One more hour, hwaiting!!
Kris: Kiss kiss?
Erica: No! Pay attention.
Kris: But-t, I wanna be with you :’(
Erica: I love you <3, you’ll see me soon
Kris: I love you toooo. Oh yeah, I have to tell you something..very important.
Huh? I wonder what he needs to tell me.
“Um..may I sit here,”a voice startles me.
“Sure,” I say and quickly shut off my phone.
He was a guy with a baby face and shaggy brown hair. He had a purple hoodie and black jeans on. He’s kinda cute, maybe fifteen?
“Hi, I’m Mason,” He says.
“Umm, I’m Erica,” I smile a bit. For some reason, he seems known.
“Are you from Preston?” he asks.
“Yeah, are you new? I don’t think I’ve seen you around campus,” I honestly haven’t.
“Yeah, I just joined last week. I was actually from Yale. I decided to switch here for their biomedical program,” he says, and smiles.
Biomedical….and that smile...it seems familiar.
“Oh, well nice to meet you. I hope you like it here. Do you like the rain?” I asked.
“Yes! A lot actually. When I was little, I used to run in the rain and collect worms,” he says.
“Me too!! Oh my god, I used to play with worms so much when I was little. Jiggle wiggle hehe,” he is quite interesting.
“Yupp. Here, I’ll give you my number. I’m so glad I met you, Erica. It’s nice having a friend,” he gives me that cheeky smile and I give him my phone. Just then, the church’s clock struck 12pm.
“It’s nice knowing you too! Oh, it’s 12, I have to go,” I say as he give me my phone.
“ Aww. It’s okay. Let’s meet up again,” he waves goodbye.
I stepped out of the cafe. The rain has eased up a bit, but still remained strong. Mason...biomedical..the smile..he seems so familiar. But the number he put in my phone is not a number I know. I shook my head. No, Erica, this is all a coincidence...or was it?
When I got home, I found Kris in the couch all plopped down with a cute pout in his face.
“Aww, baby, how was class,” I asked as I made my way to the couch.
“It was fine. But baobei, I need to tell you something,” He said in a serious tone. For some reason, my heart tensed up.
“Umm, what is it,” I asked.
“For the final project, I need to go to Boston for two weeks,” he says, almost as a whisper.
I couldn’t believe it. I can’t be without Kris for even a second. Two weeks...I felt hot tears come in my eyes.
“Kris....,” I trailed off. He pulled me into a tight hug.
“I’ll have to leave tomorrow, baobei, I promise you,I’ll text you everyday,” he says. He doesn’t show it, but I know he is really upset. I decided to cuddle up with him for the rest of the day and make the best out of what we have right now.
The next morning, Kris was all packed up. I decided to give him a cute Tuzki plush. He would look so cute carrying that around. Around 9 am, I dropped off Kris to his bus with the rest of his class and by 9:47, I headed back to the apartment. I had evening class that day. What to do the entire day today...especially without Kris.
  As I was lamenting,...
“Hi!” I spun around. It was Mason.
“Oh hey, what are you doing here?” I asked.
“I work in the cafe nearby,” he says.
“I just dropped off my boyfriend. He left for Boston for two weeks,”I tried not to cry.
“Boyfriend...oh..,”I could sense sadness in his voice somehow.
“Breakfast break,” I ask.
“Haha, nah, my boss just told me to buy some groceries. Wanna come with me?” he offers.
“Sure,” I said.
I really don’t know why but something about Mason reminds me of Eric. Last time I’ve seen Eric was in freshmen year of highschool. After our breakup, he switched schools. He loved the rain, biomedical stuff interested him..same as Mason. Strange.
We arrived at HMart and I pulled out a cart.
“What’s first?” I asked.
“Um, cabbage!” he says.
I made my way to the vegetable section. Hmm,, cabbage. I bent down and decided to pick the best one.
“Hey Mason, is thi-” I turned around and saw that he disappeared. That’s strange where did he go? I looked around and then spotted him! Haha, a lady was handing out free samples of sausage. That silly kid! He was stuffing his face while getting me to shop. How cute. He turned around and saw me.
“Oh Erica, try it,” he says handing me a cup.
I made my way to him and shotted the sausage as if I was drinking something.
“Yumm!” It was amazing. Blood sausage! My favorite, Eric’s favorite.
“It’s my favorite. I once entered a blood sausage contest and won,” Mason beamed.
He likes it too….oh.
Soon Mason and I finished shopping and he went back to his work place. All these coincidence. Can it possible that Mason is...Eric? No no, there are people who like blood sausage, rain and biomed. It’s not necessary for everyone to be Eric.
I couldn’t really pay attention to the lecture that evening. I missed Kris a lot. Worse, after a long time, Eric was coming back in my mind. I can’t wait to go back home.
It’s been four days since Kris was gone. He texted me often but it’s not the same. Mason and I had become good friends and I even went to his work place. He made rice cake soup for me. I must say, he is talented. I’m surprised he is single. But I still find it awkward as to how he makes me remember Eric. Maybe I’m overthinking. It was 8:30 pm and I was walking home from my last lecture. As soon as I got to the door of our apartment...something shocked me.
In front my door, there was a bouquet. A bouquet of blue orchids! Kris, aww my boyfriend is so sweet. But, how did he know that I loved blue orchids. I went in and sat in the couch. As I looked down, there was a note. I picked it and started reading it:
Dear Erica,
You are the sunshine in the dark empty road. You are the reason for me to smile. No matter how bad things get, you make everything worthwhile. I love you, baby girl.
The one who loves you the most
He really does make me blush. Well, atleast something great came out of all these bad times.I decided to text Kris.
Erica: Baobei awwwww I love you! Thank you!!
Kris: Hey! I love you too, but thank you for what?
Erica: Oh stop it! Stop being innocent, I know you sent me the bouquet of blue orchids.
Kris: Baby, wait what? What orchids? I’m sorry, but I never sent anything. Are you sure those are for you?
My heart sank. But the note did say Erica.
Erica: There is a note, and it says my name. If you didn’t send them then who did?
Kris: I-I don’t know..baby girl. I’ll come back really soon. Meanwhile, please stay safe. Okay, I love you so much.
Erica: Yeah..I love you too
If Kris didn’t send them to me then who would have? Just then, my heart raced. The only person who knows how much I love blue orchids is Eric. But how could he have...what is going on?

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Jk123This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Aug. 15, 2016 at 1:22 pm
This is really cute. I liked how you left the ending a cliff hanger.
sunimshah replied...
Aug. 15, 2016 at 2:34 pm
thank you! it's actually a sequel to the story "I'm Kris. Kris Wu." I forgot to put that in, and also take myself off of "anonymous"
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