The forgotten

July 20, 2015
By Embrace GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Embrace GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Anything is possible with a little faith put on forth .

It begins when katara aids and teaches aang water bending on a deserted island . At times distracted by a certain bender crying in the night after training .


" Alright aang relax  try to breathe evenly now move  your right  hand  up twist  like  a whirlpool  to your left then  int towardss yourself cupped and remember  to keep balance , breathe evenly concentrate  "said Katara * slowly observing  her pupil  whos efforts  increased dramatically  by  the amount of concentration . Both becoming tired  after a long day of training.  aang left and katara continued  and began to clear her mind  of the evil  and the good gone bad . Until  she relaxed  til she hear a distant  sniffling  and bursting of flames . Walking towards the sound  she finds a firebender .  "whats the matter with you" ? "my boy friend is a complete fool" . said the firebender  "I see  lets  go to my tent and talk about it in the morning ok ''ok by the way my name is Mai" .

to be continued ....

The author's comments:

I hope you get a sense of  hope from this . Also I am sorry  but it may be short . If its any errors please help by notifying me or coments thank you!!!!1 

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