Surprise!! *Niall Horan Imagine*

October 10, 2013
"Niall take a picture with me so I can send it to Kayla!" Harry says. "Okay!" I replied. Harry pulls out his phone and takes the picture, and sends it to his girlfriend, Kayla. We were having interviews about our second concert movie that was due to come out in a couple of weeks. My girlfriend was in the States while I was in the UK. We pretty much have a long distance relationship except for the tour when we are in the US. My girlfriend's name is Rain. "Hey Niall look at what Kayla sent me!" Harry says snapping me out of my thoughts. I look at the picture of Kayla with Rain taking a 'selfie' I quickly pull out my phone and text Rain: Hey babe, wish you were here!! She responded with 'miss you too!' We had to get back to our interview so phones were put away before I could respond. I sat down next to Harry and the interviewer asks him about his girlfriend and they chat. I start to drift away into my thoughts. "Niall?" "Hmm?" I reply. "How's Rain?" the interviewer asks. "Oh she's great, I miss her a lot!" I reply. "Well I have a surprise for you both!" he says. I expect the other three boys to walk through the door, but it's Rain and Kayla. I jump up and run to her, wrapping my arms around her waist. I kiss her on the cheek and hold her tight like I will never see her again. She finally is able to lead me back to the couch where Harry and Kayla are cuddled up. It's true when they say 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' because I've fallen for Rain. "Well that concludes our show for the night. Thank you Harry, Niall, Kayla, and Rain for coming on tonight. I am so happy I can help reunite you all," the interviewer concludes. "Darlin!!" I exclaimed when they gave the thumbs up to get up. "Ni!" she exclaims. "I missed you," I say, kissing her. "I missed you too. I don't like being so far away," she says. "Me either, why don't you move in with me?" I ask. "That sounds amazing," she says. "Lets work out the details at dinner," I reply. We ended up going to dinner and she decided to move in two weeks. I'm planning on marrying this girl. I love her so much.

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Great said...
Dec. 26, 2015 at 12:35 pm
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