Luke Bryan

October 7, 2013
By , Bremen, IN
Once upon a time there was a very young 18 year old girl. She was very very pretty and everybody wanted her. She longed to be a hot country singer. She had seen an advertisement on T.V. For an American Country auditions were this Friday.

She was totally excited! She called the studio the next day and got her audition time. The only thing she was worried about was if she looked good enough. I guess only time will tell. Friday finally came and err' body was excited. She was very excited sitting in the waiting area to find out what her fait would finally be. While waiting, she completely freaked out, but didn't go up to him quite yet. She is still waiting so see what happens for her future.

I finally get my chance to go in and meet with the judges, and they love me! I get three votes! I came out and my family was totally excited for me! They are ready to leave and head for the hotel but I cant help waiting to see what happens to the super cute dude that was sitting next to me.

The next 30 minutes are very awkward. My parents and friends cant figure out why i'm so calm. But nerves have me. Im waiting to see what happens to my new “friend.” We finally find out he has made it too. He has a bunch of family and friends here. HE IS LUKE BRYAN!

After weeks of hard work me and Luke are becoming close, we are working on a duet to sing during one of the shows. Are singles are great! Err' body else is telling us our singles are total hits! Luke finally comes to me and I feel a moment. We begin talking about friends and family. We are hoping we come to the final two and we have it made.

Unbelievably we both make it to the finals. We are the final two!! Err' one sits in the audience waiting, only friends and family know the two of us are together! Unfortunately I go first. Its a hit i'm totally awesome!

The one thing I wasn’t counting on was how good he actually was. Luke was awesome! He had a standing ovation I look out and see my friends and family standing too! I might as well admit I know he's gonna win, but hey its Luke! Who cares? Were still together! And its LUKE BRYAN!!!

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