Citadel of Shadows

September 21, 2013
The guardian
“A citadel. Monsters swarming streets, faint shouts in the distance. A giant canon like structure is aiming at a high dome. Alex enters from stage right charring his charge, the prince. Blood covers the prince, Alex is unscathed.”

Alex: You idiot!
Why did you throw yourselves in the way of that arrow?
Did yo

u forget I can’t die? Didn’t you remember the giant I killed after it ate me?!
I was supposed to protect the prince and now…
You knew I could not be harmed.
The fate of mankind rested on your shoulders?
<Really loud ROAR. Message comes from soldiers below in distress.>
Stayback! Near the creature, aim for the third eye and its throat.
<Back to friend.>
And now… <check pulse, and find nothing.>
You are dead. <Childhood memories flood mind.>
The monsters are overriding the citadel. We are low on men, our sorcerers are being tortured and killed as we speak…
I shall not give up. I will defend this citadel, This…WORLD! If it’s the last thing I do.
By the Gods, I shall not yield!
I did not take the Thanatoical Vow, just to see my young charge dead!

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