Just a Dream Chapter 2

September 21, 2013
"Let's go, Yukio, we can't be late to see Rin!" Shiro called out. His gray hair was neater than it had been since Rin had gone into his coma, and his red eyes looked fully rested.

"Yes, Father," Yukio said as he walked up to his Father. They informed the others of where they would be and left to the hospital. When they arrived, Yukio's group of friends had stood in front of the hospital. They couldn't go in by themselves, and quite frankly didn't want to.

"Thank you all for coming to meet Rin," Shiro thanked. He just hoped that when Rin awoke, he would be able to make friends with these people. They were all lead in to see Rin, who had no change, and was the same as the day prior. Shiro walked to see his son. "Rin.." he stroked his hair softly.

Everyone had settled and began to speak with each other before the nurse came in and pulled Shiro out of the room to speak with him.

"I think we'll all be great friends with Rin when he wakes up," Shiemi said with a smile.

"If you're into that goofy look of his," a girl with long purple pigtails said. Her name was Izumo Kamiki.

"He looks cool to me. Maybe we could sneak into the girls locker room together," Renzo Shima said. He had strange pink hair.

"I doubt he's smart enough to get into the academy," Ryuji Suguro huffed. He had brown hair that was dyed blonde right through the middle.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover," Konekomaru Miwa, a bald boy with glasses, lectured.

"Rin is actually a drop out," Yukio pointed out. Suguro smirked.

"I was right," the older teen said in triumph. They stayed in silence for a bit longer.

"What was your brother like?" Suguro asked. He felt a little odd visiting someone in the hospital he didn't even know, even if they were his friend's twin brother.

"Rin was...wonderful. All he's ever wanted to do was protect the ones he loves. My Father spoke to the boys who were involved with the accident. They said that a boy who had been bullying Rin for a while started to talk bad about me, and Rin attacked him because of it," Yukio explained.

"Oh.." everyone stayed silent for a while longer. Shiro walked back into the room quickly.

"Father, is something wrong?" Yukio asked.

"It's nothing," Shiro said. He sat by Rin's side and stroked his hair softly. "You know, Yukio, when you and Rin were babies, everyone was so fascinated with you. Kyodo and Maruta couldn't stop holding you two when you first came home. You two are everything to me," Shiro added.

"Is there a reason you're talking as if Rin has died?" Yukio asked.

"I was just told that the doctors want to take Rin off of life support," Shiro said. Gasps filled the room.

"You can't!" Yukio shouted. It was probably the first time Yukio had ever gotten angry like that. "He's my brother, you can't just let him die!"

"I told the doctors that if he doesn't recover by the end of January, I would sign the papers," Shiro told.

"Why would you do that?!" Yukio shouted.

"Yukio, I can't keep paying the bills for the hospital if he's never going to get better," Shiro said gently. "Would he want to be hooked up to machines for the rest of his life, or would he rather just not feel anything at all?"

"He would want his family not to give up on him!" Yukio shouted out. "Nii-san will wake up and when he does, he'll say something stupid like, 'Is dinner ready?' and everything will be like it was supposed to be!"

"The end of January is a long while away, Yukio. I'm sure he'll recover by then," Shiro said. "Otherwise I wouldn't have said so," he added as he walked out of the room.

Yukio looked to his brother. He didn't want to leave him alone, though there was no way someone could always be there with him. Unless...they had more people.

"Everyone, I need your help," Yukio said suddenly.

"What with?" Suguro asked.

"If things stay the way they are, Rin won't wake up at the end of January. Which is why we need more people to interact with him. I've read that can help somehow," Yukio said.

"So, you want us to take shifts with your family on watching him?" Shima asked. Yukio nodded.


"I'm in!" Shima exclaimed with a smile.

"I might as well," Kamiki said with attitude lacing her voice.

"I want to help too," Shiemi said. Konekomaru nodded with Shiemi.

"Well, if my friends are doing it, I might as well," Suguro agreed.

"Alright, then. Thank you very much," Yukio smiled. The door opened to reveal a woman with pink and blonde hair, wearing a bikini top with some shorts.

"Hey, there, scaredy four eyes," the woman, Shura, greeted.

"Hello, Shura. So, I'm assuming that you've heard about Nii-san," Yukio said. The woman gave a nod.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me sooner. I figured if you didn't, at least Shiro would," she said.

"We're a bit more concerned about Rin waking up at the moment," Yukio said with a glare. The others noticed the glare he gave to her, though she just returned it with a smirk.

"Still, I love the kid as much as you do." the woman gave a false pout.

"No, I don't think you do," Yukio said. "Don't pull the cute look, it doesn't work for you as well as the sexy look does,"

"So you think I'm sexy?" Shura's smirk formed into a grin.

"I never said that!" Yukio exclaimed. He cleared his throat before returning to his normal self. "Anyway, we still have to think of a schedule to watch him at. Unfortunately, once school starts again, we won't be able to do it anymore,"

"If you're talking about watching the kid, I can do it. After all, I'm not in school," Shura said.

"You won't molest him?" Yukio asked with a raised brow.

"He's underage, that's illegal," Shura said instantly.

"Fine, then you can watch Rin while we are all at school. I'll make sure every weekend that I come back to visit him," Yukio said.

Once they all configured a schedule, they sat in silence once more, just watching Rin quietly. Even though they all said they would speak to Rin, they didn't know what to say at this moment in time.

"Ms. Shura, how long have you known Yuki?" Shiemi asked quietly.

"I've been working with their Father since they were little," Shura explained.

"What is your occupation?" Shiemi continued to question.

"I'm a nun," she said. "That just had a day off at the beach," she explained her appearance. "And I'm not a very good nun," the woman laughed.

Eventually, everyone else had to return home. Maruta came and told Yukio to go home, that he would stay with Rin and read him a book. Yukio nodded and returned to his home.

"You're going to see Rin again?" Kyodo asked. Yukio had to nod. "You've been seeing him a lot more than usual,"

"I always see him this much," Yukio defended. "Besides, I want him to wake up soon. It'll be our birthday at the end of this month, and I'm not celebrating my sixteenth birthday without my twin," he was then off to the hospital where he relieved a sleepy Maruta. Yukio had decided to clean up the hospital room. The flowers that he had brought a while ago were now dead, so he threw them away. He also dusted a few of the pictures around the room that were placed when Rin was in the coma for a month.

Yukio was surprised when Shiemi walked in with a bouquet of flowers. He smiled towards her and took the flowers to place them in the now empty vase. Shiemi looked around the room to see the pictures that Yukio had been dusting.

"He looks happy," Shiemi said softly. Yukio was surprised to hear her seem so sentimental when she hadn't even met him properly.

"He was a happy person," Yukio said. He looked to see the picture that Shiemi was looking at when he was finished with the flowers. It was a picture of when they were thirteen. Rin had an arm wrapped around Yukio and was holding up two fingers. He looked scuffed up as if he had been outside all day. Yukio was a bit taller, so the stance looked uncomfortable. He was smiling as well, though looked as if he had been shocked by how hard the arm around him slapped against him. Yukio couldn't help but laugh.

"Dad! Take a picture of us!" Rin called out. Their Father had just bought a new camera and wanted to test it out, of course the man had no idea what to test it out for. Shiro looked to the two and smiled.

"Alright, alright, get close now!" Shiro exclaimed. He set the camera and watched as his son slapped a forceful arm around his twin. Rin held up two fingers and his eyes closed as the camera took the picture.

"Do you have lots of happy memories with him?" Shiemi asked.

"How can I not? He's my twin brother, we had never been separated before. He slept in, and I couldn't say goodbye to him. I had to leave and Father couldn't wake him, so I left a note since I knew I would see him later. Rin had been grounded that day, I remember because he had lost his job the day before. I wish I had stayed back to say goodbye," Yukio sighed. "There's no helping it now,"

"You'll be able to talk to him again, Yuki. I know it," Shiemi said with a bright smile.

"I'm glad you think so. I just hope he wakes up soon," Yukio said.

The two spent the rest of the day talking to each other before Yukio and Shiemi took turns reading to Rin. The younger twin eventually fell asleep in his chair.

"Rin...I know you don't know me...but..please, wake up. It would mean so much to Yukio.." Shiemi said softly in the raven haired boy's ear.

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