Forest Rush

August 27, 2013
By m.turco SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
m.turco SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Matthew 7:7

My lungs contracted horribly as I bounded through the thick underbrush of Nicolet Forest. Over a root, under the fallen tree, around that—BAM! Sprawled among ferns and dropped leaves, I came to the realization that I have apparently missed a low hanging branch protruding from the fallen pine tree.

I came to my feet and pressed onwards, testing my speeds and ignored the sharp, throbbing pains emanating from my head. With a quick glance backwards, I spotted a black dot coming toward me at top speed. Never had I sprinted so fast in my life as I was doing so now! And that was saying a lot, considering I was on the track team. Somewhere, a crow screeched, which I took as, “Good-bye Human! Catcha’ later in heaven!” My wavy, chestnut-colored hair flew behind me, acting as the cape of someone who was running to go save the world. I saw a clearing ahead and rushed towards it in the hope of seeing any human inhabitants that could save me.

I broke through the wall of trees and came to a halt. Lungs splitting as well as my hopes, I glanced around only to find more trees surrounding me in every direction. A low, menacing growl sounded to my left and I gasped. I started and then glanced over my shoulder. The black dot that I saw earlier was transforming rather quickly into a massive sable wolf. That was attempting to kill me.

Once again I sped off, but this time with the knowledge of what precisely was pursuing me. In what seemed like seconds I heard fast labored breath close behind. Fear seemed to take me, like plunging into an icy lake. But, with the little courage clinging inside of me, I turned to face the horror I had been escaping for so long. As if the Wolf knew I was going to stop before I did, he began encircling me, trapping me in dark shadow. The colossal wolf abruptly stopped in front of me, mirthlessly laughing.

Inches from my face he growled, “Long have I been watching you. Waiting… for the perfect time to seize you, and to eat all the nasty flesh of your bones. Die now, human.” I crept slowly backwards, the wolf inched ever closer. All I could look at was that evil grin on his face, eyes full of hunger. I stumbled a little on a tree root, but held my ground. At that moment I knew my like would come to an end soon. I close my eyes awaiting pain, just in time to see the Wolf about to pounce.

Suddenly my eyes shot open and I shouted, “Plot twist! You die now!” And with a snap of my fingers, the Wolf plopped — dead as a door knob — before me.

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