The Color Of Hunger

August 1, 2013
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There is nothing good to eat here, Better Living industries had taking over most of everything. When we rebelled against them there were still stores open and we could find food, but they soon put a stop to that. All that’s left now is the white caned dog food. We were so hungry so we ate it. The tasteless brown mush dried our mouths out and water was scarce in the dessert.
I thought back to the days before BL had taken over California when there was always food. It was colorful; the world had color then, now it is stark black and white for the buildings, the industries and the color brown for the endless desert that we live in, and ever so often the color of blood red that stains every fight we get into. Back then there was happiness and food came with happiness. But out here there is little of that. Now the only hope for life, for happiness, for food is the small band of us left to rebel. I’m so hungry.

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