The Girl who Lived

May 17, 2013
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When Lily Potter gave her life for her beloved nineteen-month-old Harry, she also gave her life for a newborn child no one knew she gave birth to. It was said that the infant she carried in her womb died minutes after birth. However, the child lived. The infant was placed under the crib of her brother, Harry, just before the Dark Lord murdered Lily and James Potter on October 31, 1981. This is the story of Colette Potter, the girl who lived.
* * *

It was a normal day for the Potter family. James and Lily knew of the dark forces that were in the making, they just did not know of the events soon to occur. The day was great—filled with laughter, smiles, and warming up by the fireplace. It was not until nightfall that Lord Voldemort entered the Potter House in Godric's Hollow. Voldemort trespassed into the house and killed James on the second story of the house just beyond the steps. James fought for life, but, sadly, could not win. Lily peeked out from behind Harry's door, seeing the love of her life on the white carpet floor. She saw who was walking towards her and the children. It was the man whom many tried to put an end to. Lily put her five-week-old Colette underneath Harry's crib, whispering how much she loved her. She fought back the tears that threatened to spill.

Just before her life was taken, Lily said, "Mummy loves you. Daddy loves you. Harry, be safe. Be strong."

Lily meant for Harry to be strong for his baby sister. James and Lily wanted him to look after his sister and to cherish his family.

Lily Potter was given the opportunity to save herself from death, but when she refused, Voldemort casted the Killing Curse on her. Because Severus Snape loved Lily so passionately, he begged the Dark Lord to spare the life of Lily when the plan was created. Voldemort agreed to spare her life. However, when dear, sweet Lily Potter would not step out of the way of her children, Voldemort unleashed the Killing Curse that was meant to kill Lily, Harry, and the girl he did not know existed. It was love that saved her children. Love was her sacrifice.

Harry started to scream as a jagged scar was formed on his forehead. Because the children were saved out of love, Lord Voldemort's body was destroyed; leaving him to attempt to recover for many years. Harry cried out for no body to come, as Colette just laid silent under the white wooden crib.

Muggles, or non-magical folk, started to swarm around the Potter house. By this time, Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard alive, had ordered Rubeus Hagrid, a loyal follower, to fetch Harry. It was not until Hagrid arrived and was on his way out that Harry wiggled his way from Hagrid's arms and crawled to his sister who was sleeping soundly. Hagrid soon realized there was a secret child and put both children in his motor bike's sidecar. Wrapped in blankets and laying on a pillow, the kids were taken to Dumbledore.

Dumbledore wrote a letter to the Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of Privet Drive to request that they take young Harry and Colette under their wing. The letter was placed on Harry who was bundled in a white blanket. What Dumbledore did not know, as in fact that Petunia Dursley, sister of Lily Evans Potter, resented Lily for being a witch. Although the Dursleys agreed to the request, they treated Harry and Colette poorly for years. Harry was resented greatly, being the same age as the Dursley child, Dudley, but Colette was resented the most because she was the unknown child. The siblings lived in the cupboard under the stairs. They cooked, cleaned, and made sure they "knew their place."

It wasn't until Harry turned eleven that the owls brought letters to 4 Privet Drive. The Dursleys refused to let Harry leave for Hogwarts, so they camped out in a small cabin on the water. Hagrid came to get Harry in the night, and this was the first time Harry and Colette Potter found out what they truly are. Because Colette was still only ten, she could not go with the two. She started to cry and didn't want to stay with such terrible people. Harry refused to let Colette stay alone, as he was her protector. She had to be safe, and he had to be strong. Once Hagrid understood Harry was not leaving without Colette, he realized what he needed to do. Colette, Harry, and Hagrid left the Dursley trio and went to get Harry's school supplies for his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was decided that Colette would live with Hagrid until the next year, when she would attend Hogwarts.

All was well...for now.

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