Lonely Boy

April 22, 2013
By Anna Willcoxon BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
Anna Willcoxon BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
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Lonely Boy

My mom had always told me since the day I was born that I was the most handsome little boy she ever saw. She always said my hair reminded her of the beach and hoped we would live there in the near future. I was different too because normally if you had blonde hair that you would have blue eyes, but not me mine were hazel. It’s sad though, my story. I would never be able to grow and get married or live the life I predicted. My life was a little rushed. Considering I was brutally murdered at the age of four. All because innocent little me made a choice that would decide my fate forever or at least my last few hours.
I was four and it was the first time I’d ever walk to camp by myself, all the other times my older brother Jeremy would walk me. Jeremy was ten years older than me, a child from teen pregnancy. Just at fourteen he stood six feet tall with deep brunette shaggy hair and had ice cold blue eyes. He was my role model. I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. He had so many friends and he was famous around Savona because of his basketball skills. Jeremy had spent the night at his friend’s house the night before and my parents were sleeping in. I didn’t want to wake them up so I decided I’d walk by myself, I knew the path it was easy, just walk on the side walk until you saw the big green and yellow sign then you’d turn right. I may have been four but I was always told I could be mistaken for a seven year old. I had made it almost to the signs when I saw Eddie Smile.
Eddie Smile was my brother’s age and also went to the same camp as me too. He didn’t have very many friends though; he had a nerdy look to him. His hair was fiery red and he wore big glasses that covered most of his freckled face. We had been walking for a minute or two and had almost reached the entrance of the camp, and then Eddie had turned to me and said:
“Hey I want to show you something.”
“What is it?” I said very curious.
“It’s over in the woods, here take my hand.”
Even though Eddie didn’t have very many friends that didn’t mean we couldn’t be friends, even though it was a little weird that he wanted to hang out with a four year old when he was thirteen. But sure I took his hand as far as I knew he didn’t live with cold blooded people. Eddie had a bike but he left it at the entrance of the camp and told me to remind him later to pick it up. I’d never been in the woods but Eddie assured me that it would be okay, that he’d gone there all the time. He finally told me that he wanted to show me a place where we could build a fort but along the way we had to pick up rocks and sticks. Some rocks were really heavy but I just dragged them and I had noticed that it made the rocks have a really sharp point, but Eddie said they were perfect for what we’d be building. It took us a good fifteen minutes to finally reach what seemed to be the middle of the woods and I was so excited to start building this fort with my new friend Eddie.
Since we already had all of our supplies we began working right away. We only had twenty minutes before we had to get camp. I didn’t know what to build so I just began to build a huge tower of rocks. I was off in my own world and so was Eddie, just building away but just then I felt a string around my neck tightening and tightening. I turned around very slowly just in case I didn’t tighten it anymore. When I turn all the way around I am horrified but what I see…its Eddie holding the string. He then says to me “Time to play a new version of doctor.” I felt my stomach twist into a billion knots; my eyes slowly had a rising water line because I feared that I would never see my family ever again. And then it began….

Eddie wrapped his hands around my neck and told me he was going to be put to sleep. At

The author's comments:
Based off 1993 murder

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Jayla said...
on Aug. 16 2016 at 5:30 pm
Thats crazy

Jayla said...
on Aug. 16 2016 at 5:30 pm
Thats crazy


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