Dr. Ray's Elusive Patient

April 20, 2013
By cloudcloud GOLD, Plymouth, Wisconsin
cloudcloud GOLD, Plymouth, Wisconsin
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“So tell me,” Dr. Ray murmured, leaning forward, “how do you feel today?” The psychologist was not expecting much from her patient. He was one of the most elusive men she had ever met. That simple question would guarantee a complex, cryptic answer. He was supposed to come every week but he had only shown up for one or two other appointments that year.

He nervously rolled on her couch. “You are the only person who asks me that. Everyone else is asking where I am and they are always looking for me. I came today because I really needed someone to talk to.”

“Why are they looking for you?” Dr. Ray asked.

“I don’t now! I have to stay hidden for my own safety. Usually, I hope to find cover in crowds but they always find me!”

Dr. Ray studied her mysterious patient. His past was almost nonexistent. He was born September 21, 1987 somewhere in the United Kingdom. He also walked with a limp from a terrible motorcycle accident and carried a cane. “Why do you think people are trying to find you?”

“I think it is Odlaw! The treacherous, sneaky thief is always after me! Or perhaps it is the police! I escaped from jail a long time ago. I can still feel the awful stripes I had to wear.”

“I am sensing some negative energy,” Dr. Ray said, calmly. “Let’s think back to your happy times…”

He adjusted his glasses on his face. “Well, I had a girlfriend once. Her name was Wilma and then when things didn’t work out between us, I dated her twin sister Wenda. Needless to say, things didn’t end very well with either sister. I did have a great dog named Woof. And I spent some time with a wizard…”

“A wizard?” Dr. Ray inquired. “What kind of wizard?”

RING! Before the patient got a chance to answer, the phone rang. RING! RING!

“Excuse me,” Dr. Ray said. She stood up and answered the phone. “Hello.”

“Hello, Dr. Ray.” She instantly recognized her receptionist’s voice and turned away from the coach.

“What is going on, Harry? It had better be important. I am with a patient.” She turned back to her patient and noticed the coach was empty.

“Shoot!” she exclaimed. “Where’s Waldo?!”

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