Angel and the Siren

February 20, 2013
By Annabel-Lee SILVER, New Ulm, Minnesota
Annabel-Lee SILVER, New Ulm, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."

Angel lived by the sea and has for many years. He lived by himself and was content until he realized he wanted more out of life. He longed for the love another but knew it was impossible for he was cursed to never know true happiness. His curse drove him to seek solitude in the caves on the island of Cisco far from mankind.
Walking along the shore Angel noticed a giant rock about 70 feet out. Running into the water to get closer, he noticed there was someone sitting on the rock. It was a woman, but something was different about her. She was part woman, part fish; she was a mermaid and she was beautiful. Angel wanted her more than anything.
Angel stood there watching her; he sat there all night, wishing he could be with her. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned months, but Angel didn’t care. Time meant nothing. How could it when he had an eternity to watch?
Many moons had passed when Angel first heard it. It started off soft and it grew with such intensity it caused him to fall into the water. That’s when Angel realized what she was. She was a Siren. He knew he shouldn’t listen to her song, but it was so beautiful and he wanted more.

This way, oh turn your gaze
Akhaia's glory,
as all the world allows-
moor and be merry

Sweet coupled airs we sing.
No lonely seafarer
Holds clear of entering
Our green mirror.

Angel jumped into the ocean and swam toward the rock, toward the Siren. He knew it was a trap, but he wanted her more than life itself. As he approached the rock, the Siren’s song grew louder.
He climbed the rock, and found the Siren combing her hair as she sang. Her song became softer as she turned to look at him. She was more beautiful than Angel could have ever imagined. Her emerald green eyes pierced his soul.
“Stupid Vampire,” she hissed.
Confusion crossed Angel’s face. “I knew it was dumb of me to come, but I had to. I’ve wanted this for so long.”
“You shouldn’t have come. You will be trapped here forever you know.”
“I don’t care. Being with you right now is enough to last me a lifetime on this rock.”
The Siren leaned into Angel and closed her eyes. “One must seal his fate with a kiss.”
Angel hesitated for a moment. He was finally getting what he wanted. He grabbed the Siren and kissed her with such intensity he felt complete and total happiness.
“Stupid Vampire,” hissed the Siren as she pulled away. “Not only are you trapped her for eternity, but you also gave into the curse by feeling complete and total happiness.”
The Sire and Angel starred at each other for what seemed like forever. Finally, the Siren broke his gaze and leapt into water and disappeared into the murky waters.
Angel, kneeling on the rock, looked up and screamed at the Gods. His anger caused the ocean around him to rise up and push off from the rock and headed towards the mainland of the world.
Every morning at Sunrise and every evening at Sunset Angel would scream at the heavens. This is why there are tides. Everyday we must feel the loss and anguish that torments Angel while he sits on the rock for eternity.

The author's comments:
I had to write a myth for my mythology class so this is what i did :)

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