My Life

January 29, 2013
Alexandra was walkng along the path nearing the water from her home. She was thinking, about everything, from her family to how her life is going to go. She knew she could be anything she wanted, but she was not going to give up her life for something so far fetched. She went back along the gray, gravel path to her house.

“Mama, look, I got a picture for you.” Draco said.

“Thank you baby, I love it, did you make one for daddy too?” Alexandra asked her little boy. Draco nodded.

This was why she wasn't going to give up her son, or the rest of her family, this was where she wanted to be. Draco seemed to notice that his mother had someting on her mind, he sat on her lap.

“What did you do today?” Alexandra asked.

“Me and Daddy drew pictures and got stuff for the new babies.” Draco responded.

“Really, can you show me what it is?” Alexandra asked, kinda shocked.

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