My Christmas Dream

January 24, 2013
By Bethann SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bethann SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Christmas was slowing approaching at the North Pole. Elves working hard, Santa checking his list twice, and Mrs. Claus baking her delicious sugar cookies that you can smell from miles away.
I was the lucky one that got to be the first taste tester, and as always they were the best cookies ever.

I always helped out by caring for the reindeer. I knew each and everyone by name since the age of two. Daddy would ask me “Noel can you name all the reindeer?” I would always reply in my excited little voice “ Yes daddy they are Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Cupid,Donner,Blitzen, and we can never forget Rudolph.” “Great job Noel.” Daddy would always say. I loved that I knew all of my daddy's reindeer and that the were always so friendly.

Being on reindeer duty wasn't my only job; I helped the elves bring Santa the overflowing amount of letters for him to read. Let me tell you, he read every single one! I always wondered what was down there were everyone lived. Daddy would always tell me “Noel you are to young to see down there.” I would reply pouting “ But why daddy you get to go why can't I?” His reply after that was “We will see Noel.” I was such a daddy's girl. I would ask the same question every year hoping for a different answer but sadly would get the same one. One day I'll get to see down there, but when was the question?

Years have passed, this year I was turning sixteen. Wonder what they are going to get me? I hope my very own sleigh. My birthday was here! I woke up searching around but couldn't find anything. Hmm... where are they hiding it ? Suddenly I felt a large hand on my shoulder. Of course it was daddy, in a bold voice he said “Are you looking for something Noel?” I responded “Well yes daddy, you know what today is right?” His response was “ Yes, my dear daughter today is your birthday and with patience you will receive your gift. “ I shrugged and gave a simple “ok.” Since it was my special day mom made me all of my favorite foods, and boy were they yummy.

Shortly after dessert it was time for presents. I was so excited and couldn't wait to see if it was a sleigh. Daddy told me to close my eyes and the elves guided me outside. When I got the ok to open my eyes I started to scream and jump for joy. I had my very own small sleigh. I quickly ran over and hugged mom and dad and screamed “Thank you so much!.” After that I was pretty speechless and shocked that I had my very own sleigh. Daddy then said “ Noel you can try it out it the morning, pick whatever reindeer you'd like.” I get to test it out in the morning ah what reindeer to pick ? I don't know. Focus just pick one. I gave mommy and daddy a hug and a kiss goodnight and told them I would have a decision in the morning.

Laying in bed I wondered how tomorrow would go. What reindeer to choose? Maybe Dasher ? No, Dancer or Prancer ? Blitzen , he was the one. The reindeer is covered now do I even know how to fly a sleigh ?Will it just happen magically? I'm Santa Claus' daughter I should be able to know how to fly a sleigh for crying out loud. Don't panic time to go to sleep I have an exciting morning .I then slowly drifted off into dream land dreaming about how my morning would go.

Morning came and I was ready. I made my way downstairs to find daddy and told him “ I choose Blitzen to be my reindeer.” He responded “ Great choice, are you ready?” “As ready as I could ever be” was my quick reply. We walked outside to find Blitzen already hooked up on my sleigh. I hopped on it and was ready to go. For my first time flying a sleigh daddy said I did a great job. Now that I knew how to somewhat fly daddy had to set some rules. The number one rule was you may not fly the sleigh unless accompanied by myself or an elf with my permission.

Two years have passed and I was going to be eighteen. I found daddy and asked him “Daddy do you think for my eighteenth birthday I can visit down there with you?” “ Well Noel it's pretty dangerous I wouldn't want to see my little girl get hurt.” was he response. “Fine, be that way I'm not your little girl anymore.” is what I said stomping out of his study slamming the door on my way out.

Running off to my room in tears I wondered if I was ever going to see down there . I have to think of something. I want to see what down there looks like. The sleigh? I haven't used it in a while though. But daddy's rules it would never work I need him to accompany me or an elf with his permission. What elf can I convince? Hmm... think Noel just think. I need an elf that wouldn't mind telling Santa a little white lie but also someone he trusts. Who though not any females elves they get shy in front of Santa and would sooner or later confess. Maybe Austin or Ben ? No, they might rat me out. Hmm.... Brody that's it Brody. He is like a brother to me and Santa trusts him so much.

I went and looked around the crowd of elves to try and find Brody. Where could he be? Then suddenly I spotted him. I pulled him to the side and told him we had to talk privately and we headed off to an empty study with a lock on the door. We entered and locked the door I told him my plan and it took some convincing but I got him to agree. We went in to talk to Santa and told him our plan to ride around for awhile even though we would be visiting down there. We made it so realistic that daddy agreed. I was so excited we were to set off early in the morning.

Morning was here and I was the first one ready. I quickly ran into Brody's room and woke him up screaming “Hurry let's go!” He shuffled up and and we were ready to go. We took Blitzen and decided to take Comet because of the extra weight. My flying skills were rusty but good enough. Brody directed me the way to go and as we got closer I got happier. Suddenly Comet freaked out and started charging toward the ground. I was so scared I screamed I tried to control him but he was to powerful. We held on tight as we came crashing down.

We landed in the woods. We looked at each other in shock neither of us could say anything. We slowly got out of the sleigh and checked on Blitzen and Comet. They were hurt both suffered broken legs. How could they fly us back with broken legs? “What should we do Brody?” I quickly asked. Brody then said “Well I don't know what you are going to do Noel but I'm out of here.” Hopping back in my sleigh he made two reindeer with broken legs fly and left me in the woods before I got the chance to join him.

I stood alone in the woods and didn't know where to go. How am I going to get back to the North Pole with mommy and daddy? I had to find a way home. I started to walk in hopes to find someone or something besides trees. After a long dreadful walk I reached a small town. Real people wow! I walked around the town looking a bit beat up from the fall we had when a young man stopped me and asked me if I was ok.

“Yes, I'm fine. I'm new here and got a little lost.”

“ Well I wouldn't mind showing you around. Do you have a place of your own ?”

“Sadly I do not and I don’t know how.”

“Well you can stay with me until we find you place if that's ok with you?” he said.

“Certainly if you don't mind.” was my reply and we were soon off to his house.

“Did you bring clothes or anything with you? “ he asked me on the way to his house. I sadly replied “No, this is all I have.” “Well my twin sister wouldn't mind sharing some of her clothes and some other things with you I can call her over once we get home.” He replied. Why was he being so nice to me ? Oh Well you have a place to stay Noel. We got to his house and soon after his sister was on her way. During dinner he said “We didn't formally meet my name is Nick what's yours?” “Mine is Noel.” I replied quickly.

What I though was going to be just a few nights staying at his house lead to much more. We started to date and he even asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve. Get married? Daddy would never approve of this and Nick doesn't even know daddy is Santa what do I do? Say yes then get rejected once I tell him I'm Santa's daughter? But I loved him he would understand Noel answer his question say yes. “Yes!” I blurted out “We need to talk first though. I need to tell you something very important.” I then said. “Well what is it Noel?” he asked “I want my mother and father at our wedding.” I said. “ Well we will invite them then.” he said “ It's not that easy Nick you don't know who my parents are.” I said. “Well who are they?” he asked. “ My parents are Santa and Mrs. Claus.” I said in a very shy voice. He then said “You are kidding me right? This isn't a joke Noel.” “This isn't a joke Nick. The day we met I fell from my sleigh and Brody the elf left me in the woods.” I said. “Honestly Noel I believe you and love you. Can't you write them a letter?” he said sort of shocked. “Hmm.. I never thought about that I guess Santa does read all the letters he gets let me get writing it make take awhile .” I said. “That's fine Noel.” he said.

How do I explain myself to daddy? They must be worried. I don't know what to say. No I do know what to say the truth I owe it to them. After a long thoughtful letter I had it stamped and sent out. The next day when the mail came I found a red envelope addressed to me. I quickly opened it, it was from daddy he was upset with me for lying to him but mommy and daddy gave me their blessings and wanted us to move to the North Pole and have our wedding there. That was a fast reply Well that's daddy for ya. Wonder what Nick will say? Just tell him he will understand.

Over dinner I told Nick I got a letter from my father. “What did it say Noel?” he asked curiously. “Well they were upset for me lying to them, but gave us their blessings.”I said “Oh that's great.” he said excitedly. “But they also would like us to move to the North Pole and have our wedding there.” I quickly said. There was a long pause and he then said “ Well it wouldn't hurt us.” “Really?!” I said shocked. “Yes Noel write him back and ask him how he would like us to get to the North Pole.” He then said. Santa wrote he would pick us up a few days after Christmas so we could have a New Year's Wedding.

Wow, it was a beautiful wedding. I couldn't believe I was married! Soon after the wedding I discovered I was expecting. Shockingly, I wasn't surprised. Neither were Nick,daddy and mommy. Everything in my life went so fast that I couldn't grasp it all. I just went from going down there, to getting married, moving back to the North Pole, and now I am going to have a baby?

Nick and I had a little baby boy and girl Nicholas and Jessica . Nicholas was named after Nick and my dad and Jessica after my mother Mrs. Claus. Life couldn't be any better I had a perfect life and family. The lesson I did learn is that you might have to break a few rules to get a perfect and incredible life.

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