A Dramatic Change

January 22, 2013
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It was leaf-bare, and the white, soft snow was glistening on the soft forest ground. A red-brown tabby cat was running through this beautiful wood. Her name was Amberwhisp, and she was the deputy of Cloudclan. Why do I have so much responsibility on my shoulders? Why can't Skystar have enough strength to lead gatherings? Why is Cloudclan in such terminal? Amberwhisp thought frantically. Her leader, Skystar, was going mad, right under her nose, and there was nothing she could do about it! The deputy knew she was going to have to fill that leader position up soon. Skystar was old, and tended to make risky choices and decisions. As Amberwhisp got into camp, she sensed tense commotion.

"What's going on?" The red tabby asked a senior warrior, Mountinclaw.

"Skystar has died just a little bit ago." The tom broke the grave news. He and Amberwhisp bowed their heads in respect. But in the back of her mind, Amberwhisp knew she would have to take over from here.

As she jumped on the Highmount, warriors and queens, apprentices and kits, even the elders, crowded around the mighty rock.

"As you know, our dear leader, Skystar, has passed into Starclan. Tonight, we will hold the vigil, and I will travel to the Cloudhigh, and receive my nine lives from Starclan." As she said this, a couple of very young warriors, Junglepelt and Nettleclaw, were more grave then most. They were the most close to Skystar, and he was also their grandfather. Skystar's mate, Oceanwave, was equally sad. "I know it is a tragic event, but I do have some good news for once. Our six moon year old kits are ready to become apprentices of Cloudclan. Brightkit, Arrowkit, please step forward. You are both ready to become appreciated apprentices of Cloudclan. Do you both agree to serve your mentors and the rest of the clan with respect?"

"I do." Brightkit said almost too cheerfully.

"I do." Arrowkit meowed a bit more solemnly.

"Brightkit, your mentor is myself." At this, the little ginger-and-white new apprentice jumped with delight. "And Arrowkit, I chose your mentor to be Junglepelt. I know you are a little young, Junglepelt, but you have learned a lot since you became a warrior, and you still remember whats its like to be a apprentice. I pronounce you two, Brightpaw and Arrrowpaw." She touched Brightpaw with her nose, as did he. Arrowpaw and Junglepelt had a little more trouble, but finally got the hang of it.

"Now, i should make the journey to Cloudhigh. Mooneyes will come with me." Amberwhisp meowed, closing the meeting. "We should leave now, Mooneyes?" The new leader said sadly.

"Yes, now we should leave if we want to get there on time." The medicine cat said, gathering needed supplies. "Lets go." Mooneyes lead the way out of the camp, with Amberwhisp following behind.

"Mooneyes, how many times have you appointed a new leader?" Amberwhisp asked, just trying to pass time while they walked.

"Oh, just Ivystar, Skystar, and now you." Mooneyes replied, not minding the questions.

"Can you tell me a little about the ceremony, to, you know, get me prepared?" The former deputy asked her trusted friend. Mooneyes tensed as she walked, but decided to let a little of the information go.

"It is the rule of the medicine cat code to not tell a word of what a leader's ceremony is like, but it wouldn't hurt if i told you what to prepare for. The leader's ceremony is a really special thing. Prepare for a lot of power, emotion, and overall happiness and some sadness. But that is all I can tell you from my knowledge." They had finally arrived at that sacred place to the cats. The Cloudhigh was a special cloud, that cats could walk on, and it always stayed in the same place. As Amberwhisp went to sleep, the surroundings began to replace with brilliant bright trees, and she immediately knew she was in Starclan. She saw the stars begin to move, and they began to approach to where Amberwhisp was seated.

"You have come here to receive your nine lives, have you?" They all seemed to say at once. Then, out of nowhere, Skystar stepped out of the crowd of cats. He looked young, with no gray hair on his muzzle, and all of his spunk put back into him. Skystar was covered in light, and padded over to Amberwhisp.

"My dear deputy, you have lead with me well. Now it's time for you to take on our clan, your clan, Cloudclan. I give you your first life. Lead well, my dear friend." He backed up, and several other loved cats came forward. At last, at her ninth life, her dead mother, Yellowflower, stepped forward. Amberwhisp gasped, and purred, delight in her eyes.

"You have grown up so well, my daughter. I do wish I could be there with you to see it more clearly. I give you your ninth life, and your leader name. Amberwhisp, you will now be called Amberstar." All the Starclan cats cheered her name, and all the sudden, she was awake at the Cloudhigh.

Amberstar, now her muzzle grey from experience and stress, looked at her loving mate, Mousetail. Then the leader glanced at her trusted deputy, Mountinclaw. He was a excellent deputy, always ready for whats coming next. There are Amberstar's two kits, now grown to warriors, Breezethread and Stripepelt. This was a good life, and i have really enjoyed it, but it is now time to let Mountinclaw lead Cloudclan, and become Mountinstar. I know Mousetail will miss me, but he is getting quite old himself, and will be joining me soon after i join Starclan. Amberstar thought as she slowly made her way to her den, and collapsed.

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PasoFinoPower said...
Aug. 27, 2013 at 8:38 pm
Oh my goodness this is amazing! I finally found another Warriors fafic! This is sooo good! Looking forward to more of your writing. Btw, I'm working on one right now and it's called The Moorland Then and Now. If you could check it out or leave a comment... that'd me sooo great! Thank you dude!!
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