that summers coffe

January 9, 2013
By Anonymous

It was your first two weeks off your collage summer break and you were going to your first One Direction concert ever and you were super exited. Like any other girl you fan girl about meeting One Direction and one of them would fall in love with you and you would pretend that you had no idea who they were and he would say that you were super cool and that he loved that you weren’t crazy about them. Then you guys would get married and have children and finally you would live happily ever after.

So your best friend Megan and you got there like about five or six in the morning. You were both super exited. You sat in row six of section two which was pretty close. When the show started Zayn was the first to come out. You literally almost fainted. After the show (of almost four hours) was over. You were super sad and disappointed because your only chance of actually meting Zayn and him knowing you actually exist, but that was over now.

After the concert you decided you would become famous and that way Niall would at least know you exist but after one year of trying to become famous you decided that it was no use that you were worthless. After two or three weeks later you went to Starbucks to get a coffee to drain down your thoughts. In line you ordered your regular drink and went to sit down in the couch. You turned on your laptop and started to listen to some music.

And right when you turned down your volume Niall Horan walks through the door. You start to panic and do what you have planned to do your whole life if you would ever meet One Direction. You would pretend you didn’t know he was. You get up and stand behind him; he orders his drink with his super attractive Irish voice. When he turns around your eyes meet he asks if you want anything you say thank you but that you already got something you see that he gets disappointed so you ask if he wants to sit down with you because you are one of his fans.
Of course he said sure. Then you two talked for a long time. After one or two hours you said you had to go hoping that he would say something to try to make you stay. When you got up he said he had to go too. He walked you to your car and asked for your number you gave it to him right away. You left and he left to. That night you couldn’t even sleep with all the things you were felling like the thousands of butterflies in your stomach and the goosebumps all over your body. The next morning he calls you like about at three in the afternoon. You answer not knowing who it was he tells you if you want to have dinner at six you say yes. Then at five you are completely ready and just waiting until the six so he could come and pick you up.
It was six he came right on time you guys ate and had an amazing time together. He drove you home and told you he really liked you. Then after two months of meeting he asks you to be his girlfriend you say yes right away without even thinking. He finally after years of waiting leans in and gives you a kiss in the cheek!

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