Zayn Malik Imagine

December 3, 2012
Hannah had been in Nebraska for 3 days, but she was staying for 2 weeks. She had convinced her mom to let her come the Thursday before Christmas and stay until the day before school started again. She got to stay with Rachel, her best friend, the entire time! "Hannah, I have a surprise for you. An early Christmas present," Rachel says. "It's Christmas Eve so it's only a day early," she replies. Rachel nods. "What's the surprise?" Hannah asks. "I can't tell you! It's a surprise!!" Rachel replies. "Rachel. You know I hate surprises!" Hannah exclaims. "I didn't want it to be a surprise!" Rachel replies. Hannah shoots me a confused look. "Now go put this on," Rachel says. Rachel hands Hannah a red slender dress and black ballet flats. Hannah changes and comes out of the bathroom with the dress and shoes on. Rachel had the same dress but black, and the same kind of flats but red ones "Twins!!!" Hannah exclaims. Rachel squeals and nods. They both put on minimal make up. Hannah finishes and looks at her phone. Nothing. Hannah looks up at Rachel and sees her giggling at her phone. "Who are you texting?" Hannah asks. "Nialler..." Rachel says. Hannah smiles, but inside she's getting worried. Zayn hadn't texted her all day. The last text she got from him was last night and he said: I love you too. "Hannah, you ready?" Rachel says. Hannah nods and hop into Rachel's car. Rachel starts driving and Hannah asks, "where are we going?" "Crazy," Rachel teases. Hannah huffs and turns the radio on. A One Direction song comes on, and Hannah and Rachel instantly start "car dancing." Niall's solo comes on and Rachel sings it VERY loudly. Then Zayn's solo comes on and Hannah screams his solo as loud as she could. Once the song was over Hannah and Rachel start laughing really hard. She notices the airport signs pop up and she gets super confused. Rachel pulls into the airport parking garage. "Temporary stop, we have to pick up some people that are coming here for 2 weeks," Rachel says. Hannah doesn't think anything of it and follows Rachel into the airport. But, it was super hard getting inside considering there were a bunch of screaming girls outside. Hannah notices Rachel plug her ears, and Hannah does the same. Rachel grabs Hannah's hand and they walk into the door. Rachel leads Hannah to the gates where the people were coming out. "Is there some pop star performing here or something?" Hannah asks. "I think Justin Bieber is in town for a concert and that's why there were al those fans." Rachel says. Hannah nods, then they were just standing there, "so where are we going after we get these people?" Hannah asks. "Wherever they tell us to go," Rachel says. "Okay," Hannah replies. Hannah looks at her phone desperately still nothing. Hannah had texted Zayn at least 5 times since getting outta the car. Rachel turns Hannah around so she was facing Rachel and Hannah was not looking at the people getting out of security. Rachel adjusted Hannah's makeup so it was not smudged anymore. Rachel looks over Hannah's shoulder and instantly her eyes start glistening. "Wh-" Hannah starts to say but Rachel turns her around before she could finish her sentence. Hannah sees a boy with black hair and one boy with blonde hair walking up the ramp. She blinks twice before she realizes who they are. Her boyfriend Zayn and Rachel's boyfriend Niall. Zayn runs up the ramp and drops his stuff and picks Hannah up hugging her. Hannah kisses him hard on the lips and he sets her down. "I missed you." Hannah says. "I missed you too." He says. "So is this why u weren't replying to me at all today!? You were on an airplane?" Hannah asks. "Yes," he replies. You kiss him again. U turn to see me and Niall kissing each other. "Rach," Hannah says. I pull back and look at you. "Best. Christmas. Present. Ever." Hannah says. Hannah turns back to Zayn and he pulls her into a bone crushing hug."I love you so much." He says. "I love you too," Hannah replies.

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HoyerHoran2016 said...
Dec. 14, 2013 at 4:32 pm
Yeah I can! Thanks! 
Damon_And_Stefans_Momma said...
Dec. 13, 2013 at 11:21 am
This is awesome!!!! Would you do one for me??? With Louis??
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