Not Everything Changes

October 17, 2012
By JLynn GOLD, Chuluota, Florida
JLynn GOLD, Chuluota, Florida
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He picked up the old picture he found in a box of his things in his 'private' room or the Akimoto mansion. A picture of the girl he loved, taken the day he realized he loved her.
Her pigtails done by herself, not wanting her Mothers' help in doing them. He smiled to himself, remembering the day.



"Masakazu! Stop it!” squealed a little seven year old girl. She glared at the boy who had just been squirting her with a soda nozzle. Tears starting to develop in her eyes. He was laughing and holding the nozzle, about to spray her again.

Her little hands balled up in fists in front of her chest, her eyes shut tight, face turning red from embarrassment and about to cry. She wanted to scream; but she knew that her Mother would scold her for it. She was trying so hard not to cry, seeing as her and the eight year old boy were the only kids here at his birthday party. It was more of a business gathering, but on a special occasion; but one little tear slipped and slid its way down her cheek, and fell off her chin; hitting the floor. She sniffled and rubbed her eyes, trying to hide it. Then the whining started.

The boy dropped the nozzle and stopped laughing when he seen this. He felt a pang of regret. He didn’t mean to make her cry. He was only trying to have fun. He climbed off the table and walked over to her. He poked her forehead, and she smacked him; leaving a bright red hand print on his right cheek. She sniffled and glared at him again.

“Kari-Chan… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry,” he tried explaining.

“Just shut up! I’m tired of you always picking on me! I hate you! You’re a big fat jerk! You ruined my dress and my hair! I still have a cut on my back cause of you too! Just leave me alone!” she screamed at him and ran out the door. Everyone turned and looked at the two to see what happened. The boy stood there for a minute, thinking about what she had just said.

“Masakazu, dear, what happened?” the girls’ Mother asked, picking him up. He looked at the woman sadly.

“I was just playin’ around, and she got mad at me. I sprayed her with the sprayer over there,” he started explaining, pointing at the soda nozzle. Her Father and his Parents were now standing around him.

“She said she hates me… Mrs. Akimoto, I love her. What should I do?” he asked. She smiled and put him down, tapping his back; lightly pushing him toward the door.

“You know the secret passage way to her room, go tell her sorry and give her a hug. Okay?” her Mother said. He nodded. He walked out, opened a door that was camouflaged into the wall. There was many different halls that went to other secret doors and other rooms in the house. He knew which way to go, and started running. He was almost there, when the door he needed to go through opened and closed. He heard her sniffling. He felt bad again, and stood in the mild darkness.

She wiped her eyes, trying to find her way in the secret halls to his room. She was going to wreck his room for what he did to her. She didn’t pay attention and walked into him, thinking she hit a wall. She thought it was a wall, until she felt arms wrap around her. Startled she went to scream; but he covered her mouth before she could.

“Hikari I’m sorry. I don’t want to make you cry. I want to see you smile. Remember, we’re going to be getting married in a little less than ten years! I’m sorry I messed up your dress and hair…” He mumbled. She sniffled again and nodded, hugging him back.

He didn’t want to let her go at all. He knew how he felt. He loved her, and never wanted it to change. He knew things were different when she shoved him away and then took off again, giggling. He chased after her, laughing.

She didn’t understand why he was acting the way he was acting; but she got a little frightened when she felt a surge of energy blow through her. She shoved him away, and the energy was gone. ‘Maybe I’m imagining things…’ she thought to herself, before she ran off giggling. She knew she’d have to play it off for now. She didn’t want to scare him either. He chased after her laughing. She knew things would be different when they got married, unless when the time came and she didn’t want to. All her parents would have to do was to say no, it’s not going to happen.

Little did either of them know, things would change completely once she turned thirteen; but no one would have been able to tell them that. Nobody would have expected the murder.

They just enjoyed the moment they were in at that time. Laughing and having fun.




He smiled a little, and put the picture back. He heard a crash from the party hall and sighed. Hikari, Mikoto, Tenma, Harima, Hanai, and Harry were all wrestling and rough housing.

“I’m telling Togo you broke it Harry!” he heard Hikari scream.

“You knocked it over!” Harry yelled back. The blonde boy learned how to let go and laugh when he and Hikari started spending more time together after graduation and the wedding.

“No I didn’t! I didn’t even touch it!”

“Harima knocked it over!” Tenma and Mikoto shouted.

“It’s Hanai’s fault! He shoved me into it!”

“Everyone! Shut up! Togo’s trying to have his ‘quiet’ time. Poor guy has a headache. Once he finds out we broke the glass statue he made for me, he’s going to kill someone,” Hikari said. He laughed to himself. She didn’t know he had made five extra copies in case something like this happened.

“Not everything changes,” he said out loud to himself, then put the box back under his bed and laid back falling asleep.

The author's comments:
Well, Togo is actually from an anime called School Rumble. Idk why, I just like how his character is just... Out there.

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