The Day Something Went Wrong

October 13, 2012
By SmartKira18 SILVER, Bronx, New York
SmartKira18 SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Patrick Michael Corbett is in his bedroom playing around with his chemistry set. Patrick has a flask in one hand and a beaker in another. Both things are filled with some toxic chemicals. His little sister Kristina comes in and scares him. Patrick drops the flask and the beaker. Then all of a sudden blue smoke covers his room. Kristina shuts the door and leaves Patrick unconscious. Until his parents came up stairs and find him on the floor.

Kendrix his mother brought him to the hospital. But the doctor's couldn't do anything. Kendrix got real worried. Kendrix brought Patrick home and, put him to bed. Patrick said to his mom, “Good night!”. With that said, Kendrix closed the door. Patrick thought to himself, “I wonder what this stuff will do to me?”. Patrick looks down at his skin and it started to open up. “What the ?” Patrick thought to himself. He was going to call his mom, but he decided against that. Patrick looked down at his skin again. This time his opened skin looked like a light blue color.

Patrick went to sleep. The next morning when Patrick woke up. He looked at his right hand, and there was blue static coming out of it. Patrick held up his arm and hand up straight. The next thing he knew a blue ball of lightning came out of it. The blue ball of lightning hit his other chemistry set “Oh, no!” Patrick thought not again. A big blast came from his room covering the whole place in yellow smoke. Instead of falling to the floor, Patrick absorbed all of the yellow smoke. “What's happening to me?” Patrick thought. He couldn't let anybody know about this. He even could kill somebody with it. Patrick would not use it unless it was necessary. After Patrick absorbed the yellow smoke. He made his way downstairs for breakfast. He was greeted Good Morning by his Mom, Dad, and little sister.

Then Patrick's dad asked, “What was that noise son?” “Nothing!” said Patrick. “Eat up son!” said his dad. “Why?” said Patrick. He was taking some cereal out of the pantry and thinking. I am taking you to school today. “Oh” said Patrick “Are you alright his mother asked him.” Sure “Iam alright” Patrick replied. All of sudden Patrick drops the cereal on the floor “Uh oh” Patrick said. He holds up his hand and a blast of white lightning came out. It put a hole right through the kitchen wall. “Wow” said Patrick's little sister. “How did this happen?” his parents said in unison. Patrick told them how it happened. They couldn't believe it. Kendrix told him I am going to figure something out Patrick. Then it came to Kendrix she said “I have an idea that might work” she told Patrick. Kendrix dashed out of the kitchen and went to the lab. His dad and little sister took one look at him and ran out of the kitchen. Meanwhile Kendrix was working on a treatment for Patrick. After a couple of hours it was ready Kendrix knew Patrick wouldn't drink it. She knew Patrick would be going to bed and minute now. Kendrix raced up stairs and quickly put the treatment into Patrick's water and stirred it. Patrick came into the kitchen and drank his water. Went to bed and the next morning his body was back to it's old self, Patrick jumped out of bed because he was so happy that “Thing” went away. Even his parents were happy that it was over.

From then on Patrick was always careful when using his chemistry set. His parents were happy about that. Even his little sister Kristina didn't scare him anymore. That made Patrick very very happy. Patrick was delighted when his skin turned back to normal. All thanks to his mom and her treatment that she made for him. From then on Patrick was one happy boy, he could do anything. Patrick was always careful about what he was doing.

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