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August 28, 2012
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Hello Audience! Since my Yu Gi Oh idea went to the dogs, I have a new idea. Naruto battles! Unlike Yu Gi Oh, I am as up to date with Naruto as I can be. Same idea as before. Give me characters to fight (Not too, too many), give me which mode (Regular, Shippuden, Ninja War), give me how long you want them to fight for, winner, location, and what powers they use. I hope to hear from you soon!

Here is a sample battle.

Jiraiya vs. Orochimaru, Shippuden, Short, Winner: Tie, Tenshi Bridge, Jiraiya: Sage Mode

Jiraiya: This is it, Orochimaru. I’m finally going to take you down for the crimes you’ve committed against Konoha!

Orochimaru: You? A policeman? How un-Sannin like! And the fact that you think you can beat me? Don’t make me laugh! But have it your way, Frog Boy. Let’s do this!

Jiraiya: I’ll make it quick. Summoning Jutsu!

In a puff of smoke, Lord Fukasaku and Lady Shima appear!

Fukasaku: We’re here! Need help, Jiraiya boy?

Jiraiya: Sure do. We’re taking down Orochimaru once and for all!

Shima: Fine, but make it quick. I got a meal in the oven that might be burning!

Jiraiya (To Fukasaku): Isn’t it better burnt, anyways? (I HEARD THAT!!)

Orochimaru: Enough foolishness!

Quicker than the three can see, Orochimaru sends snakes in their direction. The frogs leap to Jiraiya’s body as Jiraiya surrounds himself with his Needle Jizo. The snakes are speared on the spikes. The two frogs leap onto Jiraiya’s shoulders.

Frogs: Sage Art! Art of the Amphibious!

Orochimaru: Senjutsu, eh?

As marks appear on Jiraiya face, and his chakra increases dramatically, Orochimaru forms hand signs. Jiraiya, seeing this, instantly drops.

Jiraiya: Sage Art. Needle Hair Senbon!

Orochimaru: Too late! Kuchiyose Endotensei!

As the senbon shoot toward Orochimaru, three coffins spring up, protecting Orochimaru.

Jiraiya: Gah!

Shima: Jiraiya, this is Endotensei! We cannot kill them!

Jiraiya: I know! We have to remove the souls. But I don’t have the jutsu to do that!

Orochimaru: And what a pity for that!

The three coffins fall open, revealing three deadly shinobi: Sasori, Hanzo the Salamander, and to Jiraiya’s dismay, The Fourth Hokage.

Orochimaru: That wretched Third Hokage sealed away the other two Hokages, but these will do fine.

Jiraiya: Impossible! The Fourth’s soul resides in Naruto!

Fukasaku: Then how did Orochimaru summon him?!

Jiraiya: I’m guessing he used a medium to bring it here.

Orochimaru: Clever, aren’t you? But can you face your former student?

Quicker than the three can react, The Fourth appears behind them and swings a kick, sending them flying. Jiraiya reacts by spewing fire at the other two. Sasori pops his flamethrowers and parries with flame of his own. The resulting flames set the bridge on fire.

Fukasaku: Oh uh.

Jiraiya: Sorry ‘bout that.

Shima: Jiraiya, we are desperately outmatched. We have no chance but to retreat.

Jiraiya: Right, but it won’t be easy with The Fourth. But I can try.

As Jiraiya leaps away, The Fourth teleports to the kunai he planted on Jiraiya with his kick. As he stabs Jiraiya mercilessly through the head, to his surprise, the head turns all the way around and turns into a frog! The frog wraps The Fourth in its sticky tongue as the two frogs clap their hands and go back home.

Orochimaru: Heh! Run away then, Jiraiya. You know my skills far surpass yours!

Hanzo: Do not speak as though this jutsu is a special skill.

Sasori: It is vile and it is taking everything in me not to barbecue you.

Orochimaru: Like you could.

He claps his hands, and the three disappear, leaving three Sound ninja for dead. They fall on blind eyes as Orochimaru turns and walks away.

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HinataHyuga said...
Feb. 3, 2014 at 6:44 am
It's been a while but I like this article it's so awesome!!!!
KingMothra replied...
Apr. 7, 2014 at 3:01 pm
It's been forever! Great to see you again...thanks so much.
KingMothra said...
Oct. 8, 2012 at 7:25 am
Hello everyone, it's the author. I am also willing to do this kind of thing with Bleach if anyone is interested in that. Thanks!
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