Ella's Journal (an encounter with the Messenger)

July 17, 2012
By MaddyBall SILVER, Au Sable Forks, New York
MaddyBall SILVER, Au Sable Forks, New York
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Journal Entry #35

February 14, 2012

I had the weirdest day ever...

Okay, it seemed pretty normal at first, but then it took a turn for the bizarre.

I was at the Hollywood Theater, watching "The Woman in Black" with Amy. Pretty creepy if I do say so myself. Anyway, halfway through, at one of the not so scary moments, the guy sitting in front of us got up. Since the movie wasn't really interesting me at that moment, I watched the guy stand up and leave the theater. At the time, I didn't really think anything of it. I decided he was just going to get some more popcorn. He seemed normal enough, so when he was gone, I focused back on the movie, which had gotten creepy again.

When the movie was over, Amy wanted to see the credits so she could know the actors and all that, and to see if there was an ending clip, like some movies. So I agreed and we continued to watch, eating the remnants of our popcorn and talking about how creepy it was to be the only ones left in the theater. That was when I noticed the jacket. The guy who was sitting in front of us never came back, and he left his jacket sitting there in his seat.

Because we were just a bit curious about who this guy could be, Amy grabbed his jacket and shuffled through the pockets. The first thing she found was his wallet. I opened the wallet and took out driver's license. On the license, it had a picture of the guy and it had his name.

"Ed Kennedy..." I had said.

The name seemed so familiar, yet I could not place it. So instead, I looked through the other stuff in the wallet. I ignored the money, as I had no use for it, and instead found a gift card for Borders, and a business card. On the card it said, "Messengers, Ed Kennedy, 535-626-4443".

I put the card back in the wallet. I had never heard the name of that business before. Maybe the guy was from out of town and he was just stopping by.

"Hey," Amy said, holding something up.

It was a note, as well as a phone and a flash drive.

On the front of the note it said, "From Audrey" with a heart. I didn't really wanna invade the guy's privacy so I put the note back in his pocket. Instead I opened the phone. For a wallpaper, it had the guy, Ed, and a girl I expected to be Audrey. The phone seemed normal enough. An old one, but normal looking. It was an old flip-phone from the brand Tracfone, which I don't think are made anymore.

"What do you think is on the flash drive?" Amy had asked me.

"I don't know, but I don't think we should invade this guy's privacy like that."

Amy agreed and instead we walked out of the theater with the jacket and our stuff. When we got out, I took my own phone and dialed the number that had been on the business card.

As it rang, I waited.

Then a voice said, "Messengers. We give you your messages, whether good or bad. How may I help you today?"

"Hi, um," I said, uncertain of what to really say. "I found a jacket in the movie theater today and I think it belongs to a guy who works with you. His name is Ed Kennedy."

"Ah, yes. Ed does work here. He forgot his jacket? Alright, just bring it to 645 Albertis Street downtown. It's a very large building with a sign that says 'Messengers' on it. It's hard to miss."


Then I hung up the phone and Amy and I walked downtown to where the business was. The girl on the phone was right. It was hard to miss. But we ignored the many people trying to get in and instead we walked in and went up to the front desk. Sitting there was the guy, Ed.

"Oh, you found my jacket. I've been looking all over for it," he said as he took the jacket back.

"How could you forget that it was in your seat?"

"I don' know. I guess I was just too eager to get away from that damn movie that I left without grabbing it. Those monkeys were starting to get to me. But thank you."

Amy and I laughed and we said, "You're welcome," to Ed and "Bye," to the girl, who I guessed was Audrey and then we left.

We both went home after that.

Today was a little weird, and the movie was alright. But I can say one thing.

Ed was kinda cute...

The author's comments:
I read "I Am the Messenger" and I wanted to do a fan fiction about it.

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I like this but end of the story is not what i wait. But keep writing.

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