?The Korean Dream? A G-Dragon One-Shot

July 12, 2012
By Kpopgirl BRONZE, Watsonville, California
Kpopgirl BRONZE, Watsonville, California
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You were at home reading a book It was a normal Friday afternoon.There was someone knocking on your door. You thought who could it be.You got up and opened the door. You were frozen it was your childhood friend Kwon Ji Yong but everybody know him as G-Dragon. "What are you doing here Kwon" you asked."I can't visit my dear childhood friend" said GD. "Well you never visit it's been 2 years " you said. "Well I been busy with the whole music and what not" said GD. "Yeah" you said, sarcasticly. "Well know that I'm here, how you been___"said GD. "Good I just graduated from UCLA" I said. "And how's your mom and dad" said GD."Good, there in Italy for their, 22 year honeymoon" you said. "Woah they been married that long" said GD. "Yeah" you said. "Well if your not busy would you like go have dinner with me " said GD. "Yeah sure" you said, trying not to sound too surprise.

"Ok I'll pick you up at 8" said GD, leaving.

You checked the clock it was 5 you had 3 hours left, that enough time to take a shower do your hair, make up, and maybe watch a little bit of tv.

You hoped into the shower~Few Minutes Later~ you were out, you changed. You did hair into a curls and did your makeup. You still had 20 minutes so you went to watch tv.

~20 minutes later~

Someone knocked on the door it was GD right on time. "Woah ___ , you look amazing" said GD, blushing. "Thanks" you said, smiling. "Ok let's go" said GD, opening the door. You on hoped into GD Bumblebee Camaro.

"Okay where are you taking me" I said. "West Garden" said GD. "West Garden"you said. West Garden was the most expensive restruant in the whole town. "Kwon that too much" you said. "No it's not, remember I'm artist" said GD. "Ok " you said.

You finally made it at the restruant, the waiter took you to your seat. "I will like a burger and some fries" said GD. "I will like a salad"you said. You really wanted a burger but it was to expensive.

"No you don't" said GD. "Ok, I have a burger too" you said, to the waiter. The waiter left with your orders, "___, there also another part of this dinner" said GD.

"What is it" you said. "It's a secret" said GD, winking. "Ok" I said. The waiter came back with burgers, you both ate quietly. When you guys were done GD paid the meal, you insisted, but he didn't let you. Then you guys headed into the car .

~Few Minutes Later~

GD got out of the car then you did"Ok where here" said GD. "Were are we" you said. "You Don't, remember ___, we used to go here all the time when were kids" said GD pointing,at the amusement park. "Oh, now I do" you said.

"Sure you do" said GD. "Whatever, let's get on ride"you said. GD paid for the ticket, you insisted again, but he paid again.

"Kwon, let's get on the Giant Diper" you said. "Okay" said GD. You guys got on, then the ride started going faster and faster. You started screaming like crazy you hold on to G-Dragon he just laughed. Once you got off you saw on the screen that there was a picture of you screaming "Oh my god" you said, looking at the pic.

"You look cute" said GD, laughing. "Shut up" you said. "I'm gonna buy it " said GD. "Please no, Kwon" you said. "So you can remember beening with me" said GD. He didn't listen to your pleading, and he bought it. "I hate you" you said. "Love you too" said GD,smiling. "Whatever let's get on more rides" you said. "okay" said GD.

You guys got on more rides, GD even won you a cute stuffed animal. "___, lets sit down I need to talk to you" said GD. "Okay" you said. "Well, I liked you since we were kids, this why I came back, because I have the guts to tell you now" said GD. " Well I like you too, but I was to scared to confess" you said. "Well will you be my life" said GD. "Yes and will you be my Korean Dream" you said. "Yes" said GD. You guys walked off hand in hand and got on more rides.

(I hope you guys I promise I post more Korean songs)



The author's comments:
GD and you been friends for years, you guys were like peanut butter and jelly but when he signed up for YG, he seemed to have forgotten about you but faith has brought you together again.

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on Jul. 29 2012 at 12:45 am
K-DEATH BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Big Bang!! That was awesome!

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