Life withEmilie and Kaiah

May 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Prologue: You know the story of Cinderella and how she fell in love with Prince Charming and moved into the castle and became a princess. But have you ever heard the story of their daughters Emilie and Kaiah?
One day in late spring Cinderella gave birth to two little girls. One is named Emilie Sara after Charming’s mother. The other is named Kaiah Rose at a flower in the castle.
13 years later…
Emilie Sara and
Kaiah Rose Charming
Emilie Sara Charming is a bright and smart girl with auburn red hair and crystal blue eyes. She is also sporty and tomboyish and hates to wear dresses. When it comes to her sister Emilie will always say she may be different, she may be preppy but, she is my sister and I truly love her.
Kaiah Rose Charming is a girly girl from head to toe. She has light brown hair and dark mysterious blue eyes. She is learning to be a good wife and a mother by her tutor. When it comes to her sister Kaiah always says we may be different people and personalities, but will always be sisters, twins and best friends.

Emilie Sara Charming

“Emilie” Prince Charming calls, “your tutor is here”

“Okay daddy” Emilie calls back sweetly. Emilie scales the banister as she goes down the stairs. As she is arriving at the first floor her tutor comes to towards her.

“Emilie it is 8:02 AM” says her tutor “you are 2 min. late”

Emilie brushing a piece of hair out of her heart-shaped face said “I’m sorry I had to change into ‘proper girl’ clothing. Emilie feeling sorry for the tone she gave to her tutor apologized to him. Her tutor greatly appreciated it. “Take your seat darling” her tutor, Mr. Raven said kindly for once. Emilie took her seat and she is the only student there. As Mr. Raven pulls out the lesson book, Emilie starts to yawn. To start the lesson today Emilie, her tutor starts to say we will start with arithmetic .Emilie agrees and she takes out her arithmetic homework. Mr. Raven started to check her homework when Cinderella walks in to the classroom. She tells Mr. Raven the class is over and to Emilie her daughter to go to her room. On her way up she runs into a girl looks exactly like her except for the hair in the lightest brown and the eyes the darkest blue.
Kaiah Rose Charming
“Miss Kaiah” calls Mr. Duke, her head servant “time to get up”
“Okay” Kaiah answered back
“Hurry” Mr. Duke Calls

I just “Mr. Duke I am 13 years old now and it takes longer than when I was seven” Kaiah
Emilie Sara and
Kaiah Rose Charming
“Hi Kaiah” Emilie says “mom send you to our room too?”
“Yeah” replied Kaiah “do you know why Em?”
“No” says Emilie worried. When both girls reached the room, their father, Prince Charming was there and close behind them was their mom.
“Are we in trouble?” Kaiah asked scarily.
“No darling” said Charming, “your mother has scary information”
You two know my stepmother right” asked Cinderella.
Both girls answered yes, Cinderella goes on to explain her stepmother still wanted real daughter to have the throne and is trying to sabotage the castle to get our family to give up the throne.
Emilie Sara and
Kaiah Rose Charming
“What… No” Kaiah cries
“Yes” Emilie mumbles
"Emi- Lie” Kaiah stated "are you happy mom and dad might lose the throne?"
"May be" Emilie cries gleefully "but I don't know why though"
"Well can you take that smile off your face?"
"All right"

Fights for hours, caring for weeks, and love for months, friendships for years, sisters and twins forever be. These are words Emilie and Kaiah Charming say every night before they go to bed.
As Emilie and Kaiah ready for bed, the girls share a silence prayer. A prayer which states their mother and father keep the throne and they will be sleeping safely in their beds all night. As Emilie pulls on her blue and purple night gown she asked her sister do you think stepmother is so cruel that she will sabotage the castle. Kaiah answered while putting on her own pink and green flowered nightgown, she might be but remember this sister everyone has well in their heart if you just look for it. The twins crawl into bed while their parents come in to bid them good night and sweet dreams. When their parents go to hug and kiss them they noticed that their mother is hugging them extremely tight and their father is kissing them more than once. The girls signed they look at each other with a worried glance upon their faces as to say to one another something's going to happen tonight. Nine hours later as the girls slept a mysterious figure at the stairs towards the girl’s bedroom. The figure stands right outside the door and thanks to itself "the throne shall be mine Moo-Ha-Ha-Ha" the figure tiptoes inside looks to Emilie and Kaiah then to the crowns their nightstands and things to itself again ‘should I do this? Yes they are too young to Queens and the ransom will be high. Two more figures arrive with big hands and big bodies. "Grab the princesses" the first figure whispered "gently not to wake the girls, I can't have a servant coming in and spoiling my plan.
"Yes master" each big handed figure grabbed a Princess and went so fast out the door it seemed they almost flew. The first figure stepped outside the door, the light from the hall illuminating her face. She is Lady Tremaine Rose better known as the Step Mother. Grace and beauty is what the twins are known for. Emilie for wit and bravery and Kaiah for compassion and love, who is behind but more than that though always been known as the twins or the sisters that stand together.

Dawn broke and Emilie the early riser weeks to find herself and Kaiah in a locked cage in a hut in stepmother's domain. "Kaiah, KAIAH WAKE UP!!" Emilie screamed "stepmother has captured us" Kaiah was jolted awake. She took a look around and screamed. "I see you have woke" a mysterious voice called Emilie and Kaiah quickly turned around in front of them was stepmother. "Good morning" she snarled while shoveling two bowls hold bumpy oatmeal under the cell "did you sleep well"
"why are we here stepmother" Emilie said coolly stepmother goes to say you pay for good ransom. Soon Gisela and Anastasia came in and said the vermin are awake
yes Kaiah yelled and we are not vermin. Stepmother unlocks the cage with anticipation when she saw the girls didn't run she says let me show you around your hut. Okay Emilie answered with no happiness in her voice. Stepmother shows them the small kitchen the dirty and small bathroom and the clean and small bedroom that can't even fit one of them, Emilie is figuring the way out. When the tour is over Anastasia, Gisele and stepmother left locking the doors but not the window.

The author's comments:
Princesses happy endings with a twist

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