The Hunger Games: Alternate Ending

May 9, 2012
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There are four of us left. Both District 12 tributes, Katniss and Peeta, Cato and I. I hear a scream. I look to see Cato has done his job by killing off Peeta. The cannon fires. Katniss doesn't give Cato time to recuperate before she sends an arrow deep into his chest. My beloved Cato. Dead. I have to win now. I sprint from thee woods, prepared to take on Katniss. She loads her bow and sends it hurdling towards me. I duck just before it snags my pack. I select a knife and run at her. Before she can grab anotheer arrow, my knife catches her in thee theroat. Dead.
"Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you thee Victor of thee 74the annual Hunger Games! Clove!" Claudius Templesmithe's voice booms theroughout thee entire arena. It won't be thee same witheout Cato. I won't be able to live witheout him. Just as thee hovercraft is descending to carry me away to freedom and safety, I I reach for anotheer knife. I wave goodbye to my family and friends back at home in District Two, just before I slice my theroat. Dead.

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