Pressure I

April 23, 2012
The dry desert wind whips my already chapped skin. "I should have run away with more clothing." I thought aloud. The black leather vest and denim shorts I was wearing weren't the best things I could have chosen, but at least I had my old makeshift tent with me and a blanket. Over the horizon I could see the first signs of daylight. "Time to setup camp."

I found a rock, well more like a boulder. It was perfect for putting up my tent. The boulder was tall enough so my tent was hidden but not too tall so I couldn't look over it. Once I had my shelter put up and my bed made I decided it was time for dinner. I pulled out a food packet from my bag and added water. I didn't bother to check the label so when a home-style chicken noodle soup flavor filled my mouth I was a little surprised.
"Mmm... delicious." It tasted like the soup they made back at the safe house. "NO!" I yelled at my self, "I CAN NOT think about that place! Or... them. I came out here to start over and I'll do just that." I had finished my soup and decided to turn in for the day.

I dreamed for the first time in a long time, but sadly it was exactly about what I didn't want to dream about. It was about them, the only family I had ever known.
"Come home," said Gee, "We miss your ghost stories!"
Yeah, Lynxie! We miss you." Ray agreed, using, my old nickname. That dream beckoned me back, I did miss them, seeing their faces and frightening them with my all too realistic stories. CRUNCH! I heard twigs break and awoke immediately. Emerging from my tent, I untied my bandanna from my thigh and wrapped it around the lower half of my face. I used the aviators I stole to cover my eyes. laser gun in hand I took aim and waited for my opponent to appear. The person I heard did come into view but they were no enemy.

It only took one flash of that cherry red for me to realize who had been following me. I lowered my gun, took off the aviators, and ducked behind the boulder. I wanted to hide and not be found, but then I remembered my dream, and how much I missed them. How much I missed home. I watched Gee for a while. Wondering how he'd react if he where to find me here in the middle of the desert. As not only a runaway but a thief too. I had stolen his aviators by mistake and 40 food packets from everyone. Then, I made my decision.

I shot my self in the shoulder and screamed out in pain. As planned he came running.
"Oh my God! Lynx are you okay?!" He asked when he finally found me.
"Yeah, I'm absolutely peachy!" I replied sarcastically.
"I missed your sarcastic humor." He smiled.
"Don't sit there and do nothing! I'm bleeding out as we speak!" He looks at my shoulder and wraps his bandanna around the wound.
"OW!" I yelp.
"I know, I'm sorry but there has to be pressure on it." Gee looks at me with concern.
"We won't have to, you know, cut it off or anything right?" I ask, genuinely worried.
"No, it should heal but we have to get you back to the safe house." He states.
"O-Okay." I reply meekly. I try to pack up my things and carry my bag but, because of the wound, I can't.
"I will take that." Gee says as he takes the bag from me, "You, my dear, are the hardest person to find." Not hard enough, I think to my self.

We walked with few breaks until we reached the house. By that time it was almost dark out. I was greeted with hugs and smiles, which was something that I hadn't expected.
"You have to tell us all about what happened to you out there!" Yelled Raven, one of the youngest in our group.
"And a ghost story!" X added, he was two months older than me so he would be 22 in September.
"Yeah!" everyone shouted in unison.
"Okay, okay you guys," Mikey stated, "Lynx will tell you all about her adventures after she gets some rest." The whole group moaned.
"Come on, I'll get you to the infirmary." Mikey said to me. I had only been to the infirmary once, and that was back when I was first found four years ago. I remember nothing about what happened before then so, the Killjoys took me in as one of their own. They gave me a new identity, a new life, a new family, a new... everything.

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One_winged_Angel said...
Jan. 16, 2014 at 11:59 am
This is very well written. I'm a killjoy too :)
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