Celebrity Retreat:Part 1

April 3, 2012
By Reader102 BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Reader102 BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Welcome to the Celebrity retreat, A Retreat That will Make you Forgot about stress and Just work on Relaxing, so To Start off Lets introduce Ourselves, Cher why dont you start?" asked logan "Id be glad to" explained cher "My name is cher, ive been around for Many years and I Was absolutely Strucken when My daughter told me she was Changing Her gender to a Man" explained cher "Ok, Thank you cher, Lindsay Lohan your up" explained logan 'Alright, My name is lindsay Lohan, I Have an awful life, I drink, i party, I got arrested quite a few times, I Was on house arrest, I Did probation, and i stole a necklace" explained lindsay "Wow lindsay, Your quite the F****d up person" said Kesha "Well, whats your life like kesha?" asked Lindsay "I Have awesome vocals, all the boys want me, i love glitter, ive been on victorious and more" explained kesha "oh well, thats a good freakin life" pouted lindsay "Ok, lindsay and kesha Have introduced themselves, Its your turn Oprah" explained logan "Hello, My name is oprah winfrey, I Ended my twenty five talk show The oprah winfrey show in may and This retreat is so i cant not worry about programming on my network for a while, so yeah" explained oprah "Ok, Next Lady gaga" explained logan "Ok, Hi Im Lady gaga and you all may know me for my music or crazy outfits, I Love my Little monsters, they keep me going and i thought it was time to relax myself, so that's How i ended up here" explained Lady gaga "ok Gaga, So far We've gone through Through cher, Lindsay, kesha, oprah and Lady gaga, Lets go On to Taylor swift" explained Logan "Hello, my name is taylor swift, Im An Awesome country Singer and I'll turn anything into a Song, where it be Break up's or whatever, I was Looking for a break and I Found this retreat, so here i am" explained taylor "Ok britney, your up" explained logan "Hello my Name is Britney spears, Im A wonderful Pop singer with Amazing songs, I Dated kevin federline who had too many babies and I wanted to forgot about stress, so thats how i got here" explained Britney "Ok, Next Miley cyrus" Explained logan "'Hi, Im miley cyrus, I had a 4 season tv show called hannah montana, I Love to sing, i've made quite a few albums As both Miley and Hannah, Id love to Have a talk show, I Have a famous dad, and I came here because i wanted to forget everything in life for a while" explained Miley "Ok, selena, your up" explained logan "Hi, Im selena gomez, I Have a wonderful, I'm finishing my tv series Wizards of waverly place, I Have a couple albums out with my band the scene, and im dating justin bieber, i came here to get away from stress and paparazzi" explained selena "Ok, Finally Kim Kardashian" explained Logan "Hello My Name is Kim kardashian, Im A Hot married woman, I Have four sisters, And a brother, My parents support my career very much and I ended up here so I Could Relax myself and not stress about life" explained kim "Ok, everyone has introduced themselves, now cabin assignments, There will be 3 cabin groups, two with 3 People and one with four people" explained logan "The groups are Cabin 1: Cher, Kesha and Lady Gaga, Cabin 2: taylor swift, britney spears and miley cyrus and Finally cabin 3: Selena gomez, Oprah, lindsay And Kim" Explained logan "You may all get your luggage and find your cabins" explained logan (celebs get their luggage) "Go On and Dont forget Lunch is at 12 pm" smiled logan (The celebs get in their groups and go On to find their cabins) The celebrity retreat Was about to Be in full swing

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I Love to Write Fiction Tv Show Crossovers and Write Fiction About Celebrities.

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